Grimm Round Table: The Rise of the Demon Child

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With only a few episodes left in the season, Sergeant Wu got primal and Diana manipulated her mother into making the decision to take Kelly and abandon Nick in Grimm Season 5 Episode 19.

Join Grimm Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Allison Nichols, and Kathleen Wiedel as they discuss issues from "The Taming of the Wu," including the development of Wu's wild side, Diana the manipulative little demon child, Adalind's departure, and more!

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Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

React to the development of Primal!Wu and what it means for the character and Team Grimm.

Doug: It’s still taking way too long to wrap up this story thread. I think ultimately the only reason for Wu's story at all is to show the magical properties of the healing stick. And from there we can extrapolate that if the stick can cure Wu from his wolf deal, maybe it can be used against what is turning out to be Black Claw’s biggest weapon: Diana.

Allison: I don't fully understand what's going on with Wu. Unfortunately, I read an interview that was published after last week's episode that revealed/gave away the Primal!Wu twist, so I knew it was coming. I'm waiting for the magical stick to come back into play just like Doug is.

Kathleen: I read that interview, too, Allison, though I figured something was up even before that when they released the titles of the episodes that were coming up in the back half of the season! Blarg. Beyond that, they really should have brought this arc to fruition much more quickly. Like, three episodes more quickly. Or done a better job in the development.

To make matters worse, they did an utterly awful job in explaining what in the world is actually going on with Wu's little issue. Does Wu have to be all calm forevermore unless he wants to Hulk-out? That would really spell doom for both his work with Team Grimm as well as his day job as a cop, which isn't exactly free of stress. (And does that mean he can never, ah, have intimate relations with anyone ever again?)

It's really frustrating because Wu is my favorite character, and I just wish they had written a better story to spotlight his character here.

Is Diana a demon child or just a little girl who wants her mommy?

Doug: She’s a willful demon child who has no maturity to handle her power in an anything but sociopathic way. Another way to see it is: she is still a mental toddler, and like all toddlers, she doesn’t know the meaning of “no” or “not right now.” The only problem is that she has physically matured way beyond the toddler stage, which, along with these powers, makes her all that much more dangerous.

Allison: Can I just copy and paste Doug's answer and claim it as my own? Diana doesn't know the full extent of what she's doing. She's throwing a tantrum, but instead of kicking and screaming, her tantrums involve her powers. All Diana wants is her mom. She wants to be reunited with her family.

Kathleen: Let me just say right now that creepy children like Diana really freak me out. There have been multiple warnings about the inherent pull of evil when one is a Hexenbiest; that said, I hesitate to call her a demon child at this point. I'm sure that the "terrible twos" are called that for good reason. She was born halfway through Grimm Season 3, which actually makes her around that age!

Unfortunately, Diana really hasn't gotten anything close to a stable life. She's spent more time being kidnapped and/or on the move than in any one place. She may have the intellect and physical development of a much older girl, but clearly she lacks any sort of emotional maturity.

Adalind was clearly between a rock and a hard place. Did she make the right choice taking Kelly and leaving Nick?

Doug: She didn’t believe she had a choice, so for her there was really no question of leaving and taking Kelly with her.

Allison: I can't decide, honestly. She felt like she was doing what was best for Nick. As much as I don't like how their relationship was handled, Adalind cares about him, and she'll do whatever it takes to keep him and her children safe.

Kathleen: Frankly, I found her decision rather frustrating and more aimed at stoking drama than anything else. Adalind has a demonstrated history of not thinking things through; that said, however, her choice came in a period of intense emotional turmoil (certainly aided by Diana's manipulation), so I'm not really surprised she acted the way she did.

Share your thoughts on Black Claw Big Bad Conrad Bonaparte (Shaun Taub) and his plans to bring Nick into the fold.

Doug: I wonder if that was just a sop for Renard, to keep him in the game. It would be hard to imagine Black Claw wanting a Grimm in their mix, since that would be inviting their worst possible enemy into their house. When he says they have a place for Nick, the only thing that came to mind was “yeah, six feet under ground."

Allison: I like that we met someone higher up in Black Claw. We're getting a sense of their chain of command, and it's interesting. I do believe that Black Claw wants a Grimm on their side. What better way to ensure Wesen fall in line and sign up than by threatening that if they don't, a Grimm will kill them?

Kathleen: If Black Claw could actually get a Grimm in their ranks, it would be a huge boon to them. Grimms are powerful assets, with skills to back up their fearsome reputation. As Black Claw seems to have a vested interest in creating a power base in Portland, it would be to their benefit to get the local Grimm on their side. Of course, if they actually knew Nick, they'd probably not waste their time trying to recruit him!

Is Renard really going all-in with Black Claw, or is he running a long game on them?

Doug: I still think he’s playing the long game. Renard has believed in law and order for a long time, which is partly the reason he’s been on the outs with the royal family. No way has he changed his stripes. Now that he is front and centre with Black Claw as their political face, he has a chance to throw a monkey wrench into their plans. Something he could never do from the outside.

Allison: I'm hoping he's playing the long game. I'd like to believe the best in Renard. He's a police captain after all, and I hope he chose that position because he believes in the law, not because he wanted the power that came with it.

Kathleen: I really like the idea of Renard throwing a monkey wrench into Black Claw's plans. Like, he gets himself elected mayor and then throws them under the bus, or continues operating inside but surreptitiously foiling all their plans. Renard has always been the guy who plans for the long haul, so I'd be thrilled to discover that he's actually working against Black Claw.

Then again, this season has really not been thrilling me so far with its arc storytelling, so I'm prepared for disappointment, too.

*Bonus Question: Share your favorite scene or quote from this episode.

Doug: We’ve waited so long for the Big Reveal on Wu that my favorite moment came at the 50 minute mark in the episode, when Wu finally saw a video of what happens to him when he goes through the change. I thought “finally!"

Allison: I loved Nick and Hank in Wu's apartment after discovering Theo's body. They allowed Wu to put the pieces together himself, instead of blurting out that Theo was dead. I loved watching Wu trace back through his memory. We got to see him connect the dots.

Kathleen: I'm a definite sucker for action scenes, so I'll mention Meisner's fight with the Hundjager at the safehouse. (Complete with admittedly ridiculous shirtlessness!) I love that Damien Puckler gets to show off his awe-inspiring martial arts skills and demonstrate that run-of-the-mill humans can take a stand against big bad Wesen!

Be sure to check back for our review of Grimm Season 5 Episode 20, "Bad Night," after it airs on Friday, May 13, 2016 at 9/8c on NBC! The two-part season finale is slated to air the following week on May 20.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Wu: Oh, so you guys saved my ass.
Hank: That's why I ate the chocolate, and he kept the flowers!

Wu: Thanks for coming.
Nick: We couldn't think of a way to get out of it.
Hank: That's why we brought chocolate and flowers.
Wu: Well, where are they?
Nick: Oh, we didn't bring them for *you*.
Hank: It's *our* reward for coming here!