Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Blood in the Streets

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So Strand's big mystery is he's a con man who fell in love with his mark?

All the secrecy about where Strand is heading has come to this. Strand's heading to his lover's place in Mexico. Their partner in crime, Luis, has only passage into Mexico for Strand. Alrighty then.

Oh yeah...Jack and the new bad guys caught up with Alicia on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4, and Strand? He hit the open water. He's kind of a coward, too. Talk about surprising.

In Distress - Fear the Walking Dead

The whole episode took me by surprise. Absolutely nothing was as I expected it would be when we eventually found out the truth about the matters.

Well, maybe that's not true. I had no preconceptions about Jack and his team of thugs. Although I am pleasantly surprised he's such a cutie. If it were the real world, you know he'd not be anywhere near that good looking.

Yes, that really is the kind of thing that goes through my mind. In a real Armageddon situation, I'd expect the criminal element luring Alicia in to be greasy haired, missing teeth and really worse for the wear. 


It was a little bit confusing putting Strand's past together. I'm not really skilled in the ways of con men.

From what I could tell, Strand tried to put one over on Thomas Abigail. He got him into his room and then stole his money and credit. Instead of being angry with the man, they joined forces, both professionally and personally.

So, when Strand took the gang to his house and his boat, he may not have technically owned them, but they were his just as much as they are Thomas' through their partnership.

What Strand hasn't been as honest about is that there is only a way into Mexico for one. He must have wanted to keep the peace until he couldn't any longer.

The way he reacted when the boat was boarded didn't exactly scream CONFIDENCE, did it? Grabbing for his automatic weapon and calling himself a stupid, paranoid fool? 

Well, he was right to grab the weapon, but it would have been awfully helpful if he had gone to the group and attempted to use it. Then again, same goes for Chris.

No, I think your son made the mistake. Should I shoot 'em? Piece of advice, if you have to ask the question, they should already be dead.


At least Chris didn't jump in the water to swim away. Haha! Maybe Strand thought he could reach Nick and Luis, come back and rescue the others. Madison later rescued him after being sunk before reaching land, so we'll find out.

Having a pregnant woman on their raft really worked in the thugs favor. I guess all of us ladies should keep that in mind. Anytime we need something, feign pregnancy and the world is our oyster.

I enjoyed Madison later trying to get under that chick's skin by asking when was the last time she felt the baby move, and what she'd do if she was carrying a dead baby who then changed inside of her. 

The world is already splitting off into The Walking Dead like factions just weeks after the virus hit (which is just weird, if you ask me), as Jack's friends are answering to a dude named Connor.

Connor wanted Alicia. Alicia didn't seem to mind the thought of going, but wanted Jack to option for her entire family. Somehow Connor got work he'd like Travis to come along, as well. 

It would make sense if this tightly knit group was split up and they were forced to fight to get back together. That's all they do half the time on TWD. Should we really expect the stories to deviate that much?

Now that Luis has appeared and shared that he's only got enough cache to get himself and Strand into Mexico, I really don't see them all arriving at the lovely place we saw through Strand's flashback. Do you? 

It's either too good to be true, or they'll just get there only to have it run over by dead, anyway. We already know that no plans ever work in this new world. Why would any of these?

First, they have to reunite with Alicia and Travis. They need to see if Strand will come clean with his plans. They could always settle in at the Abigail Dream Destination or whatever it was. That whole neighborhood was safe and relatively walker free. Lonely maybe.

What are your thoughts on what's next? Are you surprised Alicia's "friend" caught up with them after all this? What's next?

If you missed anything, you can watch Fear the Walking Dead online right here via TV Fanatic.

Blood in the Streets Review

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

No, I think your son made the mistake. Should I shoot 'em? Piece of advice, if you have to ask the question, they should already be dead.


Strand abandoned the ship, and they shot at him.