12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 3 Review: One Hundred Years

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Visiting the 40s was a blast, but the tension between Cole and Cassie's buggin' me.

Is the Witness planning to eliminate all the Primaries, including Jennifer Goines? 12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 3 proved these "special" folks are connected to time, but why have the monkeys been tasked with taking them out? To what end?

Will Cole and Cassie get on the same page before the red rifts swallow them up?

The Mission Continues in 1944 - 12 Monkeys

Those Messengers don't mess around, do they? When that shot of the lady primping moved down, you just knew Ms. Messenger would be standing behind her in the mirror. Eeeek! No slicing of the throat though, this isn't Slasher on Chiller TV. Can you tell I watch too much Walking Dead?

Still, it was fairly brutal the way she choked her to death. The music was impeccably timed as well, "She wished that I was dead." Yeah Exactly! I'd say that was quite a memorable start to the Messenger's mayhem in the past.

Did the way our time traveling baddies tilt their heads remind anyone of the Observers from Fringe? If you don't know what Fringe is, hit Netflix ASAP. Perhaps that was a subtle nod to one of my all time favorite TV series. The Messengers snapped out of it though, and there remained no odd quirks to their behavior. Well, aside from killing the wrong guy with his own breastbone.

In 2044, Dr. Ecklund blasted some music of his own. Wasn't that wink to Katarina absolutely priceless? I'm crazy about the guy already, and rooting for those two crazy kids to work things out. You don't think they'd kill him off, do you?

Dr. Adler clued us into the fact the Messengers were wreaking havoc throughout time. 

Last night's data showed these anomalies multiplying in the time stream. An increase of 80%, these levels are unprecedented. It's almost as if the structure of spacetime is collapsing onto itself.

Dr. Adler

Somehow I didn't think Cole would take a pounding this season as he did last year... so wrong. Boy, did he and Deacon go at it. After the water torture Ramse endured during 12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 2, I was glad Cole had his pal's back.

"We stopped their plan to release the virus. Whatever's going on now he's got nothing to do with" Cole told Cassie. That was our cue that it's safe to start trusting Ramse again. What do you think, can he be trusted 100%? Jones wasn't having it at all. Their meeting was rough, wasn't it?

There are so many subtle clues written into casual conversations on this show. Yet they never feel like exposition, which is brilliant.

Did you catch Ramse mention that the monkeys talked of digging up Dr. Crawford's remains? That's right, they needed that bone in order to go back to 1944 and kill the poor bastard causing a paradox. It's only in the final moments we learned that they had dug up Tommy's remains, not his deal ol' dad's. Wasn't that insane, the doctor ultimately died for nothing?

Cassie wasn't thrilled to be traveling back to 1944, yet she had seen the photo. I mean, she knew she had been there with Cole, so what's up Doc? Quit hatin' on poor Cole already. The dynamics have changed, though sometimes it feels like Cassie is just being difficult. I have to admit, when she referred to Cole as "Johnny night room" I couldn't help but giggle.

The guy had zero plan last season, Cassie was absolutely right about that. Did she have to be so damn mean though? So, she's the brain and he's the brawn. That works for me, I just want them to get along better. I miss that.

I love hearing Katarina say, "Initiate splinter sequence." With that, our heroes found themselves months apart in the 40s. Good thing too, because that gave Cole a chance to get things ready.

I'm always curious what goes through people's minds when they see a time traveler like Cassie walking around in jeans and leather in 1944. Sure, she got some odd looks, but it was FBI agent Gale (Jay Karnes) that really addressed the issue by noticing Cole's scruffy face. See, that's great writing. It makes sense the man would question Cole (and Cassie), as they were totally out of place. 

Cassie: Oh my god, you like it here.
Cole: What's not to like?

Cole was definitely on top of things, and Cassie couldn't complain about him not having a plan this time around. I'm probably not the only fan slightly annoyed by the way she treated Cole this week. Cassie will come around, which is part of the fun but ripping that photo hurt. Didn't it? I understand why she did it, but the act was heartbreaking.

The duo looked amazing together walking into the gala. Wasn't it amusing how quickly Cassie interrupted to say she was his sister? Anyone else note a hint of jealously when she noticed the 2044 necklace?

With the photo "out of the way," Cole had finally had enough of her attitude. While I wasn't sure what to expect this season, I can say I never imagined the two to be at odds in this way. That's terrific as far as unpredictability, but I hope it's not overly drawn out. Anyone else feel the same way? Is the bickering bugging you at all or is it just me?  

Anyway, Cassie recognized Ms. Messenger (Vivian) and the chase was on. It didn't last long, because after sprinkling the doctor with those all too familiar flower petals she killed him. We knew he died that night, but the Messengers learned he wasn't the primary. Nice twist that it turned out to be his son, played by Erik Knudsen (Continuum). Although, it would have been cool for him to stick around a little longer.

Cole: Locked up for delusions and voices in the head. That sound like anybody we know?
Cassie: Jennifer Goines. Yes, she's crazy too. How is this news?
Cole: She's not just crazy. She's...
Cassie: She's what? Special?
Cole: Yeah. She is. Maybe Tommy is too.

The photo of Tommy led Cole and Cassie to yet another mental asylum. Unfortunately, they arrived too late and Vivian was already there looking for Tommy. I had forgotten that Cole was unfamiliar with the "red forest," but Cassie knew it all too well. Cole theorized that perhaps the plague was just part of the plan. Still, considering how important Vivian claimed Cole was, she sure took pleasure torturing him. Ouch!

I think it's finally pretty clear that if you're "Primary," you're not just cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Tommy and Jennifer are indeed special, but just how connected to time are they? He claimed to be able to hear the Witness and seemed fine with his fate. Why would the young man embrace his own death so easily? Why did he warn Cole, "The only failure is giving up"? Is he counting on Cole to save the day?

Meanwhile in 2044, the leaves and skies were turning bright frakkin' red. Since the Primaries and time are interconnected, their death via paradox caused those red rifts in the future. How many Primaries need to die to satisfy the Witness? It's funny that Deacon took Ramse out there to die and his enemy ended up saving his damn life. Will they make it back to the temporal facility? Is this the start of a new bromance?

What did you think of "One Hundred Years"? Did you enjoy the trip back to the 40s? After the paradox, did the FBI get their hands on our time travelers? Are they stuck in 1944 now? You're up, sound off in the comments below and share your theories.

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NOTE: 12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 4 is titled "Emergence" and airs on May 9.

One Hundred Years Review

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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Cassie: Oh my god, you like it here.
Cole: What's not to like?

Last night's data showed these anomalies multiplying in the time stream. An increase of 80%, these levels are unprecedented. It's almost as if the structure of spacetime is collapsing onto itself.

Dr. Adler