Grimm Round Table: Escaping One's Heritage

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A tortured Wesen consumed the bones of the dying, while the long-term arcs crawled along at a snail's pace in Grimm Season 5 Episode 18.

Join Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Allison Nichols, and Kathleen Wiedel as they examine such issues as Wu's feral condition, Adalind's choices, the return of Zuri, and murch more from "Good to the Bone."

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Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Charlie's statement that he couldn't escape his heritage, especially in a larger context of the other characters in this series?

Doug: Some characters are not necessarily defined by their Wesen heritage. Renard doesn’t appear to be a nasty individual, despite his Zauberbiest nature. But in his case, we’re talking about his emotional nature. Charlie, however, appears to be able to only feed (and feed his parents) on the bones of dead or dying people.

That goes beyond nature since it’s a core survival deal for him. In that case, he can no longer escape it than normal people can escape the need to drink water every day. We saw Juliette turn into a detestable character, and that seems entirely brought on by her turning into a Hexenbiest. The ability to have such power seems to have played into her personality.

I think it’s possible she could have remained a decent person, had she had the inner maturity and strength to handle it, but she didn’t. Same thing goes for the original Adalind. But in Adalind’s case (and despite Eve’s warning), it may be that she has learned a lot from her temporary loss of Diana, and has changed into a decent person for good. In which case, she’s not defined by her heritage.

Allison: I don't think it holds true. Monroe is a reformed Blutbad who doesn't hunt. Renard is a decent person. I think for some Wesen it might be easier to adapt. I'm not sure how Charlie feeds. He seemed only to kill for his parents, so how does he eat? Do they have to eat people like that or can they survive on normal food? There have to be more of the same kind of Wesen out there, so how do they survive?

Kathleen: Part of the problem in this case is that we don't know whether the Barbatus Ossifrage actually need to eat human bones to survive. As far as I know, there's nothing particularly special about human bones over, say, cow bones or pig bones.

I think you two have covered the Hexen/Zauber heritage pretty well. Nick himself faces an interesting battle of nature vs. nurture. Look at how he's changed since the beginning of the series, when he first discovered he was a Grimm. He's had to deal with a heavy legacy of fear and distrust towards Grimms.

One could argue that while he's tried hard to avoid becoming the chop-heads-first-ask-questions-later sort, he's actually grown far more towards the "Grimm" side of the spectrum than the "cop" side than he probably would have imagined. I would like to think, however, that heritage is simply a starting point for any given person, something that doesn't ultimately define us.

React to Wu's ongoing symptoms and now full-on woge.

Doug: It’s about time. Only I’m not sure we can call it a woge, since it’s an infection rather than an inherited condition. Unlike Wesen, his condition can maybe be cured by the Holy Magic Stick. I hope they bring this to a conclusion in the next episode. I’d hate to see such a useless condition become a permanent part of his character.

Allison: I'd love it if this is how the magic stick comes back into play. I'm really hoping Wu hasn't been permanently changed because, like Doug said, it would be a shame if this became permanent. Wu's had it rough.

Kathleen: You said it, Allison. Poor Wu. Poisoned cookies, compulsive eating of inedible objects, attacked by a pretty horrible monster out of his childhood nightmares, a mental breakdown and trip to a psyciatric ward... and now he's becoming a monster himself! Good grief, Wu, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

Given the absolutely glacial pace of all the long-term story arcs this season, though, something tells me that his condition will not be resolved in the next episode. More's the pity.

What Adalind will do now that she's been reunited with Diana? And will she take Nick's warning about Renard to heart?

Doug: It looks like she’s coming up on a heart-rending choice, doesn’t it? On the one hand, there’s her reunion with Diana, a baby (now girl) whose loss drove her a little crazy for a while. On the other hand, if she embraces her daughter – and Renard and the Black Claw – she’s putting her relationship with her newest child (and Nick) in jeopardy. My question is: what’s Diana’s role in all of this? And why does Diana have all these strong feelings for her parents all of a sudden, after not seeing them since she was born? That seems fishy to me.

Allison: I think she will play it smart. She knows some of what Black Claw has been up to. Adalind won't join them just because they reunited her with her daughter. Adalind will have to work out the best plan of action. Renard told her not to bring Kelly, which set off some red flags. While Adalind did lose Diana, she won't let that reunion cause her to lose Kelly. I'm also super suspicious of Diana and what her role has been with Black Claw.

Kathleen: Adalind has a history of poor decision-making, particularly when it comes to Diana. I hope that she's finally learned something and doesn't immediately throw in with Black Claw over this. It's like kidnappers telling you not to contact the police: who do you trust more, evil kidnappers or the people who are your best bet to stop them?

Are you in favor of the return of Zuri as a love interest for Hank? Is it possible their reunion was more than mere coincidence?

Doug: Interesting question! It is very possible that her return to his life may be part of a Black Claw strategy, although it would be hard to imagine the purpose. Maybe to solidify Hank’s support of Renard? I don’t know. On the other hand, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, in which case I’m glad she’s back in his life. I liked what she had to say about her change of heart: about how he accepted her for who she is.

Allison: I'll be honest, I had no memory of her, so I really don't care one way or the other. She very well could be a part of Black Claw. If that's the case, then Black Claw will use her to take out Hank, which will weaken Nick, a.k.a. a huge threat to Black Claw.

Kathleen: If Zuri isn't somehow involved with Black Claw (either voluntarily or involuntarily), I would be very much surprised. She pretty well insisted on getting back together with Hank, and their meeting at the grocery store seemed all too convenient. She may well be trying to insinuate herself so she can get close to Team Grimm and keep an eye on them.

Share a notable scene or quote from this episode.

Doug: I laughed out loud at Nick’s comment, “Well, this guy got boned."

Allison: I can always count on Wu for some sass: "Someone took his keys, wallet, and bones. This is one sick dude."

Kathleen: The funniest part for me was when Rosalee was mixing that perfume of death stuff, and first Monroe walked in, and then the rest of them walked in... Their reactions were absolutely golden, and they made me ever so glad I couldn't actually smell the stuff!

*Bonus Question: How high did this episode's Wesen rate on the squick scale for you?

Doug: Pretty high. Bad enough the Wesen deliberately ran over his victim. I was pretty sure that would have been the end of it, and the victim was now dead. But it got so much worse when he put the van into reverse and backed over him too. And then we got to hear the guy's gurgling and pain. There’s a reason this series is called “Grimm” – and sometimes it has nothing to do with Nick.

Allison: I had to look away for parts of it. The running people over was pretty bad, but Wu also pulling that fur from his throat... Okay, I'm cringing just thinking about it. I think that was the worst part for me.

Kathleen: Oh, good heavens, that was horrible. On the one hand, I'm impressed that they managed to make it so disgusting. On the other, I'd be perfectly happy never to see that hairball or that running-over-with-a-car scene ever again. Ever.

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