Grimm Round Table: No Last-Minute Reprieve

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With all the secrets and lies and general drama, it's a wonder that Team Grimm is still standing! Though in Grimm Season 5 Episode 14, most of that was secondary to the investigation of a lycanthrope on the loose, a crazed Blutbad who killed two hikers during the night of the full moon.

Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry, and Kathleen Wiedel discuss Team Grimm's most dangerous secrets, Black Claw's plan to get Renard elected mayor, the death of the lycanthrope, and more from the most recent episode.

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Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

Will secrets and lies cause serious breaks in Team Grimm? Who is keeping the most dangerous secrets?

Doug: Secrets and lies are popular go-to story tools, because yeah, they tend lead to serious conflicts. I think the biggest one is Adalind’s regaining of her powers. She and Nick need to tackle that right away.

Allison: Adalind's secret is the worst by far. Secrets always make things interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how Team Grimm survives all these secrets. Renard's secret will most likely only affect Nick's work relationship.

Robin: Whether Team Grimm breaks depends on whether Renard decides to continue doing his own thing with Black Claw. Nothing causes trouble like politics. That said, I do agree with everyone in thinking that Adalind's secret is the most dangerous.

Kathleen: Secrets are all well and good as a storytelling device, but only when keeping them makes sense. Renard's secrets with Black Claw make no sense and clearly do nothing but ramp up tension. I'm definitely waiting for the magic stick to blow up (metaphorically speaking, anyway) in Nick's face, though.

Why would Meisner not have told Adalind what happened to Diana?

Doug: I really have no idea. One thing I know though: Meisner mostly takes care of himself and watches his own priorities before he considers those of anyone else. So there’s a possibility he didn’t purposely keep the information from her. He may have decided just to deal with Black Claw and push all other priorities aside.

Allison: Meisner focuses on the task at hand. He does whatever it takes to make sure his task gets done, and he doesn't do anything that could jeopardize it. Either Meisner thought that Diana would complicate things or, like Doug said, he just didn't like about it.

Robin: A third possibility is the fact that Meisner also has a thing for Adalind, so I'm wondering if he kept Diana away from Adalind for her own sake. Diana's special, and probably dangerous.

Kathleen: Given what Adalind did when she first lost Diana to the Royals, Meisner could reasonably suspect that Adalind would never just let things stand if he told her that Diana was in the keeping of the Resistance. (If that story he told Renard was even true.) It's possible that he thought that he was protecting both of them by keeping them apart. That certainly doesn't make it the right choice, however.

Comment on Black Claw's investment in Renard becoming mayor.

Doug: It looks like they want to set up the town as a major hub for the Black Claw, with Renard as the political lead. It’s possible they want him to go higher in government too though.

Allison: Black Claw wants power, and Renard being mayor gives them that power. If one of their own is a mayor of a town that means Black Claw is essentially the mayor. They can do whatever they want.

Robin: I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing every time I see that poster. It's so cheesy. As said before, getting Renard as mayor is about getting Wesen political power.

Kathleen: That poster was clearly based off the Obama "Hope" campaign posters from the 2008 election. Cute. Not subtle, but cute. Black Claw seems strangely determined to get Renard elected, given that Portland isn't all that prominent a city. I find it likely that they are more interested in simply getting Renard on board by hook or by crook.

Renard has fingers in many pies and connections all over the place, so he'd be an invaluable asset to Black Claw.

What did you think of Lycanthropia as the Case of the Week? Were you surprised that Doyle's mother was killed at the end?

Doug: I was actually shocked at how suddenly she was shot. I don’t see how they had any choice though. One thing was troubling. According to the lore that Rosalee read from the book, the Lycanthrope condition is inherited – and presumably not transmitted as the traditional werewolf story would have it. So, no surprise that Doyle received lots of bite marks from his mother, but wasn’t affected/infected. Yet Wu looks like he was definitely infected.

Allison: I can't believe they killed her. She's sick. Couldn't they have all had tranquilizer darts or something? It seems like she was only killing people because her son wasn't home to ensure that she was locked up in that room.

Robin: I was kinda mad that they killed her. Haven't these cops ever heard of non-lethal force?

Kathleen: They did actually have tranquilizer bolts with the crossbow, but they stated that the drug would need a full five minutes to take effect. In her current state, it would enrage her, and five minutes would almost certainly give her plenty of time to kill one or more of them.

It's not like they could taze her; even some normal humans can resist that (especially if they're on drugs). She'd already killed two innocent hikers, and had just violently rejected Doyle's overtures.

There were no good options here from an in-universe perspective. From a meta-perspective, I was surprised she was killed and not saved in some last-minute "cold kills the virus!" sort of revelation they had in Grimm Season 3 Episode 6.

What do you think will happen with Wu and his Wound of Doom?

Doug: It’s going to take some for everyone to realize he’s infected. Rosalee said there’s no cure available. I guess everyone forgot about the Healing Stick. Even after Monroe confirmed that Lycanthropia is an illness, no one thought to use the stick either. Too bad. Maybe there was a cure for Doyle’s mom.

Allison: I am not sure whether or not he has been infected. Monroe made it sound like Lycanthropia was disease that only Blutbaden had, so I think it was just a fake out. Honestly, I'm not sure. But if Wu is infected, like Doug said, we've got a magical healing stick.

Robin: I take serious issue with the science (or lack thereof). They went out of their way to state that Lycanthropia is a genetic disorder inherited through a recessive trait in Blutbaden. But Wu suddenly had an infection from a scratch? Genetic disorders are NOT infectious; there is no pathogen.

Grimm is not so far into the realm of science fiction or fantasy to make that rule void. What, did Mama Werewolf also have rabies? Cause that's the only way this would make sense.

Kathleen: If that was rabies, then Wu's already dead, Robin! Of course, that doesn't preclude a critical research failure on the writers' part, as Allison already pointed out. The writers really do like victimizing Wu, don't they? Like Doug and Allison, I do think the magic stick will play a part in this somehow.

Share a notable scene or quote from this episode.

Doug: I liked the first Doyle scene, with him multi-tasking during the drive home. Think I could watched that for a little while longer. It was fascinating seeing him stick-handle the phone calls, and then enjoy the music once the calls were done. Driving isn’t what it used to be.

Allison: I loved Eve talking to Hank and Nick in the parking garage. Eve is still so new, so I'm still fascinated by her and her interactions with everyone. I also love that she went to them in the first place. She did it to rule them out as accomplices, but she still went to them first. She didn't assume guilt.

Robin: I always enjoy Monroe on a hunt, and watching him sniff out the murder victims was fascinating, but I thought it was hilarious how that was undercut by Hank driving reeeeeally slooooowly behind them.

Kathleen: There was always Monroe's description about the "cure" for Lycanthropia:

Rosalee: I don't think there's a cure.
Monroe: On, no, there's a cure. It's called the parents taking any child suspected of being a lycanthrope and burying them -- alive.

Just a reminder that Grimms aren't the only brutal, oft-unreasonable types in the Wesen world!

Grimm Season 5 Episode 15 is slated to air on Friday, April 1, 2016 at 8/9c on NBC. Be sure to check out our review after the episode airs!

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Adalind [about Nick]: We have a son together.
Renard: And *we* have a daughter.
Adalind: Well, maybe I should live with *both* of you. Wouldn't *that* be fun.

Renard [sees Adalind's powers have returned]: Well. That's interesting. Does Nick know?
Adalind: No.
Renard: Are you going to tell him?
Adalind: I don't know.
Renard: This feels very familiar.