Arrow Round Table: Team Oliver or Team Felicity?

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We're breaking down Arrow Season 4 Episode 15 with thoughts on Vixen, Damien Darhk's loss of power, the wrapping up of Oliver's father storyline, Felicity's ability to walk again and how she kept walking right out the door, leaving Oliver behind.

TV Fanatics Caralynn Lippo, Jay Ruymann, Hank Otero, Meg Bonney and Carissa Pavlica are putting their thoughts on right onto the Arrow Round Table and you can, too! Just share them in the comments and on social media. Join the discussion!

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What did you think about the introduction of Vixen?

Caralynn: Her introduction made sense at the time and she did manage to be a key part of defeating Darhk in the end but that actress was... not good. She was very flat and didn't have much chemistry with anyone. I did really like how they represented her powers, visually.

Jay: I really enjoyed the character. She was different from what we are used to; it was refreshing, but short. I would've liked to see more, like how she and Laurel knew each other.

Hank: I have to agree with Caralynn. Loved the character and her powers, but the actress fell totally flat. Plus, they gave her some ridiculously cheesy lines that felt silly and forced. It was cool that Diggle mentioned Constantine. Bring him back!

Meg: I really like Vixen and her powers. I would love to see more with her in the future. Her backstory was really interesting, and I'm sure they covered that in the cartoon, but it would be cool to see that play out in flashbacks. I hope they keep her around.

Carissa: HA! I'm exactly the opposite of Caralynn and Hank. I didn't enjoy how her powers were presented visually at all, but enjoyed the actress quite a bit. Her lines were cheesy, yes, but I've just come to expect that from Arrow these days. It's not the drama it once was.

Damien Darhk is powerless. React!

Caralynn: I'm thrilled that they evened the playing field (or possibly even completely defeated him? He's in jail according to the promo, right?) This also basically cements my feeling that the "son of a bitch" Felicity wants Oliver to kill in the flashforward is someone other than Darhk (probably Malcolm Merlyn).

Jay: It was done way too quickly, in my opinion. The whole episode seemed like it could've been two. Like 5 minutes after finding out what gave Darhk his magic, he was powerless.

Hank: I expected so much more from Damin Darhk. The villains on this show are just not delivering the way Merlyn and Slade did early on. His magic was what made the character different and interesting. I'm not sure he will be much of a threat from here on out. Darhk can stick around a while longer though, it's Merlyn who has got to go.

Meg: It was so easy! This whole time, all they had to do was break his ugly little statue? No way. Darhk isn't over, he will come back stronger. I feel like there will be a connection to Darhk and the island flashbacks and that will lead to him getting his power back.

Carissa: It's obviously not as simple as smashing a vase on a rock. First, why did she have to smash it on a rock? Why didn't someone just knock it over in a fight or hit it with an arrow? Why didn't he have it behind shatterproof glass? Second, that would be utterly ridiculous. Wait. Never mind.

Are you pro-Oliver or pro-Felicity when it comes to their relationship drama? Why?

Caralynn: This whole relationship drama is stupid and contrived, but I'm pro-Felicity. She handled herself with poise and civility when breaking up with Oliver, just as we suspected – tabling her emotions until the William situation was solved. I assume the remainder of the season will be the two of them finding their way back to one another. Something needs to change, though, and Oliver needs to let her in more going forward instead of being an emotional brick wall.

Jay: I'm pro-Oliver. It wasn't his place to tell Felicity about his son. In order to get to know him, he had to do what Samantha asked of him. Felicity acted childish about his situation, but I do understand why she felt she needed to break off the engagement.

Hank: Not sure how Olicity fans feel now, but I knew this is what would happen once the two became "official." There's no drama in happily ever after. It was awful that pretty much everyone knew about William except Felicity. She handled herself beautifully, and I definitely found myself taking her side. Oliver does not deserve her.

Meg: I am a little bit of both. I thought that Oliver should have told her. His argument didn't really pan out because a bunch of other people already knew. That last scene where she hears/sees him recording a deeply heartfelt message to his son about why he can't be in his life and then decides that's the moment to break up with him was a bit harsh. He was already crushed and she could see that. I don't think this is the end for them, but they for sure need a break to work some stuff out.

Carissa: I'm pro-Felicity. Oliver had to lie to one woman in his life. He chose the wrong woman. While it was silly to lie to either one (for shame on Samantha for even demanding it), it would have been much easier to lie to Samantha in the long run anyway. He spends no time with her. None of it made sense. I'm saddened by the entire course of events. Nobody wins, not the characters nor the viewers.

What are your overall feelings of the William story now that it's wrapped?

Caralynn: ".... That's it?" is how I'd basically sum up my feelings. He was hardly there, we hardly heard about him, Oliver didn't actually seem to get to know William at all (the whole point of keeping him a secret from everyone??), and now he's gone. This could have been an interesting storyline that deepened Oliver as a character, but instead it was clearly just a plot device, a vehicle to drive the Olicity breakup and manufacture drama. They seriously dropped the ball on that.

Jay: I agree with Caralynn. That's it? It seemed like the story could've been made into something much more.

Hank: For me, the setup was much more clever than the way the storyline wrapped up. As Caralynn says, William was definitely a plot device and nothing more. That said, Oliver's video message to William brought tears to my eyes. It's amazing how much Stephen Amell has grown as an actor over the years. I also loved that the kid traded in his Flash for a Green Arrow doll. That was a nice touch.

Meg: I don't think it's the end of William. They spent so much time building this and developing Oliver's paternal side that this can't be the end. He will be back or he will show up in another area of this universe. Maybe he'll be on Legends of Tomorrow as a future version of William, which would be cool. I just don't think they can close out that story just yet. Oliver may plan to stay away for the good of his son, but I don't think he really will. It's not like him.

Carissa: I'm in total agreement with Caralynn. It was a plot device. We didn't even get to see Oliver grow from being a father. It was all contrived and for nothing. Anything could have broken up Oliver and Felicity and it would have been the same. 

Other thoughts on "Taken"?

Caralynn: Malcolm needs to go. Oliver needs to deal with him, one way or another, because his continued presence is ridiculous. Also ridiculous: Felicity can suddenly walk again midway through her breakup with Oliver. The cheesy factor there was out of control. Also unrealistic because she hasn't walked at all in weeks so wouldn't she be all stumbly??

She leaned on a pillar for a second and then walked out like she hadn't just been in a wheelchair all that time? WTF? And she just leaves the wheelchair in Oliver's apartment? So many questions. Like, metaphorically I get it, but it was so, so silly.

Jay: Thank goodness for Thea standing up to Malcolm. I agree again, the whole walking again situation was ridiculous. It takes weeks of physical therapy to be able to walk normally again, you're not just suddenly able to walk. The entire paralysis story was horribly written and the writers should have thought about it as more than an obstacle.

It would've been amazing for some disabled fans to see their favorite character in a wheelchair and have her deal with the struggles that they do, every day. I'm beyond disappointed in the writers.

Hank: Curtis' little chip finally kicked in, no? I didn't think much of it, since it was obvious Felicity was about to stand up and walk away. This is a show with metahumans and magic now, so I assumed the chip was responsible. Man, I seriously hope Merlyn is the one in the grave. I despise the character so damn much, that even Barrowman's acting is bugging the hell out of me.

Meg: I agree, Merlyn needs to GO! I love the actor but he has played out every version of Merlyn. He was bad, he was good, he was the creepy guy in the corner, he was bad again. Lets move on and get some new trouble makers in Star City.

Carissa: Bless all of your hearts for expecting reality. You're wondering how Felicity could walk just out of a wheelchair, but I don't remember the same arguments when Thea or Sara popped put of the Lazarus Pit like a leapfrog. Arrow is a live action cartoon. They carry anvils and round black balls with wicks and Acme written on the side. Nobody recognizes Oliver in a hood, Laurel in a Halloween mask. It's OK! 

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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