Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Hindsight Part 1

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Sometimes Major Crimes is full of surprises.

Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 19 started off as a typical MCU case, complete with a horrifying crime, Provenza's wisecracks, and an oddball witness.

It only took ten minutes for things to take an unexpected turn. That was only the beginning of a wild ride down memory lane, as the detectives worked to connect the current case to one they'd lost ten years ago.

The Wrong Color - Major Crimes

The important thing about this case was not who did it; we learned who was behind the shootings early on. It's how it affected all of the detectives who worked on the case. 

Not what I remember. What I can't forget.


Stephanie Dunn wasn't the only person who couldn't forget. Tao remembered gathering evidence against Price. Chief Taylor and Raydor remembered investigating Hickman's illegal activities. And Provenza remembered Price walking for a bunch of murders he should be doing hard time for.

God, the number of times I've seen this security video. Reese always dies. Price always runs out the door. And this case never changes.


Taylor was right that they had to focus on the current case. The old one became a lost cause a long time ago, and anyway they couldn't prosecute Price for it since jeopardy was attached when he was let go.

Perhaps solving the new case will do more than get Price and some gang members off the streets. It'll allow the detectives to experience a sense of closure if Price finally is convicted of something, even if it is a slightly different crime.

Taylor: The past can wait.
Tao: Except... it's already here.

Provenza seemed particularly haunted by the original case. It made me wonder if there was something more to the backstory.

Obviously, all the detectives mourned the senseless death of a fellow cop, and the fact that the murderer got off thanks to a renegade police officer doesn't help. Will there be more to this story in the coming episodes?

Sykes ended up secretly allying herself with Mark Hickman, a disgraced cop the department wanted to forget about – and with good reason.

Hickman was arrogant, obnoxious, secretive and completely convinced that his behavior served the greater good. Talking to him was never going to end well, but poor Amy had to learn that the hard way.

Hickman very clearly had some racist tendencies. When he told Amy he saw suspicious activity at the church, it was more than likely because there were a lot of non-whites entering it. His appearance at the church just before the raid was suspicious too. Could he have planted the gun for the detectives to find?

Yeah? How did that feel for you?


Rusty's storyline was also about resolving the past. He came face to face with the man who had encouraged his mother to abandon him because he was gay. Rusty's ability to stand up to this once-scary male figure in his life was impressive. So was his use of investigative skills to track down and talk to his biological mother.

I was a bit disappointed that Rusty didn't seem to be continuing down the investigative journalist/blogger path, but now that he knows his bio mom is in danger, maybe that will change.

Sharon Beck seemed awfully frightened of Gary. Could a domestic violence story be in the works, or is something more surprising and potentially more sinister in the works?

So what did you think, Major Crimes viewers? Did Hickman plant the gun, or does it belong to someone at that church? What kind of danger is Sharon Beck in? Will the Major Crimes Unit finally get the justice they've been searching for for 10 years? Weigh in below!

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Hindsight Part 1 Review

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Asthma and anxiety. The smog causes the asthma and the police cause the anxiety.


All right. Make sure you keep this area clear and try not to start any riots.