How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 11 Review: She Hates Us

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The life of Annalise Keating is NOT one to envy. Sure, it's all power outfits, fancy speeches, and expensive vodka. But it's also lonely, isolating, and full of secrets. Plus a team of people who keep walking out on her.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 11 gave us flashbacks to fill in some of the gaps in Annalise's past while also revealing that in the present things are starting to fall apart. 

The formula might be the same week to week, but this is one show that gets away with murdering a trope again and again.

Getting Back to Normal - How to Get Away with Murder

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By now we're all aware that Annalise Keating is one jacked up human being. Her moral compass is all over the place. Her social circle is practically non-existent and/or comprised of people who feel somehow obligated to stay with her.

Week after week we watch as she pushes people away and week after week we hope she'll get it together and stop doing that.

Pushing people away is as much to keep them safe as it is to protect herself, and Annalise is nothing if not an expert in protecting herself. But little glimpses into the past like the ones we got tonight make it seem like maybe she wasn't always this way.

She was always ambitious. That's for sure. But she wasn't always this hard.

Once upon a time, Annalise was (sort of) happily pregnant with (probably) Sam's baby, a boy. What happened to that son we're not yet sure, but to have hardened Sam and Annalise to the point they were and are in the present day, it must have been devastating. 

I'm a fan of theories, so my theory is that the loss of Annalise's baby is somehow tied to the death of Wes' mother, which I'm guessing we're about to learn was murder and not suicide. This Mahoney case seems way too important to the overall story and connection between Wes and Annalise not to be more than just a case she didn't win.

Or maybe she did win the case. We don't know. 

(Also, there's rampant speculation that Mr. Mahoney is Wes' father, which can only lead to the speculation that Wes' mother was killed so that no one would find out the rich man had an illegitimate child.)

Poor Wes, y'all. 

Someone just get this kid some Ambien and let him sleep for a few days! Annalise just handed him the keys to his past so now he's basically never sleeping again. Annalise Keating's timing is terrible. So terrible.

The connection between Wes and Annalise is really the most important fill-in-the-blank we have right now, and even though there were many great scenes in tonight's episode, I kept hoping we would see a moment where Annalise and Wes would come face to face and 1) they would discuss that she could have stabbed him with an antelope statue 2) why she even has an antelope statue in the first place. 

Seems a little hipster for her taste.


At this point, the Hapstall case feels like so long ago it's almost impossible to care about Caleb and Michaela. In fact, Michaela is probably the team member about whom I care the least right now. She's whiny. She complains. She's self-righteous. Meh. Less Michaela, please.

More Frank and Laurel and Oliver and Connor (and Asher, their perma-rary roommate.)

During the entire scene with Laurel and Frank, I felt myself begging him to tell her the truth about something. Anything. That he killed Lila. That Rebecca was actually dead and he knows because he got rid of the body. SOMETHING.

He didn't disappoint. 

He was so distraught about telling her, for good reason, but it was clear that holding that secret in and away from her, the girl he probably loves, was killing him just like it was killing her not to know so many things about him. Now maybe we'll get a little more about the both of them as they navigate their way through these new revelations.

I mean, please? I'm asking nicely here. We can't lose Frank and Laurel. Or Connor and Oliver.

There's still this crazy overwhelming fear that something really bad is going to happen to Oliver because Philip is just that crazy. How literally NONE OF THEM thought that the super wealthy, crazy rich people would have video surveillance ALL OVER THEIR ESTATE is beyond me, but hey.

They didn't think about it. The police didn't think about it. Caleb didn't think about it.

And now Philip knows the truth. Ish. Who doesn't love a good extortion storyline, amiright? 

We'll get a huge dose of that next week on How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 12, but for now, we have to break down all the details from "She Hates Us."

What did you think of this week's installment? Are you ready to have the entire mystery about Wes and Annalise revealed? What are your theories about what happened to her child? Should Frank have come clean with Laurel? Sound off in the comments below and don't forget you can always watch How to Get Away with Murder online!

She Hates Us Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Client: You took it in the gut. That's a suffer shot, for when you really want to make them feel it.
Annalise: Interesting you should know that.

Shouldn't I be getting some credit here for trying to be a good person for once?