Grey's Anatomy Round Table: #MeredithStrong

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Meredith Grey can persevere through anything.

We simply can't stop talking about Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 9.

Join TV Fanatic writers Stacy Glanzman, Elizabeth Harlowe, and Ashley Bissette Sumerel as they break down "The Sound of Silence."

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How did you feel about Meredith facing another dangerous situation after all she's already been through?

Stacy: Meredith is definitely one of the unluckiest TV characters. She's giving Kelly Taylor a run for her money. It honestly didn't really bother me though, because the episode was very well done, and I liked that they even threw in a joke about how the last time she got hurt working for the hospital, she bought it. At least they acknowledge how ridiculous it is.

Elizabeth: I agree with Stacy that the quality of the episode outweighed the craziness that this was like the ninth time she's almost died. Also, this was probably the most realistic situation she's been in. The fact that writers are self aware of the absurdity doesn't hurt anything either.

Ashley: I was fully prepared to be upset about this episode, and I wasn't ready for another tragedy. But I agree with Stacy and Elizabeth that this time was different, and it was done incredibly well. I especially liked the focus on just Meredith, and the opportunity to see her character power through something we've never seen.

What were your overall impressions of "The Sound of Silence"?

Stacy: I really liked it. I thought Denzel Washington did an excellent job directing it. I liked the way we saw everything through Meredith's eyes. I also liked that we got hints at what was going on with everyone else through her. I'm assuming that since Alex seems to be living in Amelia's old room and Meredith told him to go see Jo at the end that she turned down his proposal.

Elizabeth: It was done beautifully. As ridiculous as Grey's often is, episodes like this are what get Emmy nods.

Ashley: It was really phenomenal. The ten minutes of silence blew my mind, and I think everything was thoughtfully done. Please give Ellen Pompeo and Emmy!

What was the most emotional part of this episode for you?

Stacy: When Meredith's kids came to see her. That was really hard to watch and you could tell that was more painful for Meredith than anything she was going through physically.

Elizabeth: That was a really heartbreaking scene. Alex and Arizona probably could have handled that better.

Ashley: That's the one that got me too. It actually made me feel sick to my stomach how painful it was to watch Meredith go through that. I'm with Elizabeth too -- I think Alex and Arizona could have done something differently somehow.

Should Meredith forgive Amelia?

Stacy: Yes, forgiveness is good for the soul. She needs to take Richard's advice and move on. Life is short, especially for people who work at this hospital.

Elizabeth: Yes. She needs to forgive Amelia for herself and for her kids. They both need to accept responsibility for the actions that led up to this split.

Ashley: Absolutely. I think she's been too hard on her for way too long. And I'm just exhausted by their fighting at this point.

Who is your least favorite character on the show at the moment, and why?

Stacy: There are a few characters who are not my favorites, but I have never been a fan of April. I really did not like the way she treated Jackson, first leaving him when he needed her to stay, and then ignoring all of his requests for time and space. She may love him, but she doesn't respect him.

Elizabeth: McCreepy. He serves little to no purpose, and is also a super creepy borderline stalker.

Ashley: It's a toss up between April and Jo. I've gone back and forth on both of those characters, especially April, but both of them are so unlikeable right now.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 9 Quotes

Richard: You can't work on your family.
Alex: Everybody in this damn room is her family.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing, Meredith. Not only to make the other person to feel good, but to heal you. Forgive her for not being Derek.