Castle Round Table: Would You Choose Baby Kevlar?

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Beckett got to use her Russian, Rick’s step-mother returned, and who knew they made baby Kevlar vests?

Our TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Robin Harry, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined by Angie from A Possibility For Joy, a Castle fan forum, to debate Rick’s anger about being kept in the dark, the lack of Hayley and Vikram, and which baby shower gifts they’d prefer from Castle Season 8 Episode 11...

Castle Round Table 1-27-15

Kate finally told Rick about his step-mother. Does he have the right to be angry that she kept it from him?

Stacy: Yeah, but I'm glad that he understands why she did. She didn't really have a choice at the time, especially since Rita asked her to keep it from him. But it does make sense that he feels hurt and is tired of being protected.

Robin: He does have the right to be angry, and I still wish we got to see more of that. I understand when he says that she's worth it, but her being worth it shouldn't mean that he can't express how he feels and know that he should be treated better.

Jim: I agree with Robin and Stacy, he has the right to be angry, but I'm glad he got past it fairly quickly.  

Angie: I don’t think either one of them is surprised anymore at what the other might or might not know, say, or do. Castle kept the identity of his father to himself, and Beckett protected Rita’s identity. Castle kept quiet when he took off to Paris, and Beckett lied about Locksat. At this point, it’s all just part of who they are and the lives they live.

Christine: I’m torn. Part of me wishes we’d see a little more anger out of Rick because that would be realistic and perhaps somewhat satisfying to watch. On the other hand, I’m thrilled they are finally together, and I don’t want anything to screw that up again because Castle and Beckett on the outs makes the show almost unwatchable. 

We didn’t see Hayley or Vikram. Did you miss either of them?    

Stacy: No, while I don't hate them as much as most people, they don't do anything for me either. I really don't care if they're on the show or not.

Robin: I've realized that I resent Vikram even more now that the show seems to be recovering from its concussion, so no, I didn't miss him. I didn't miss Hayley either, though I do like her, and was partly expecting her to show up to help on this one when diplomacy politics got in the way of the investigation.

Jim: I wish we would get more of Hayley, but other than that I really don't miss Vikram at all. Honestly the whole Locksat element could just fade away and I would be happy.  

Angie: I have no particular fondness nor aversion to either one. Hayley has had some fun moments, but is hardly integral to any particular episode. And Vikram really annoyed me with his effort to keep Beckett away from Castle, but otherwise he’s just someone Beckett has to work with to get this case solved. For the most part, they are both just there to divert our attention away from the fact that Castle and Beckett are not working together like they used to.

Christine: You know, I didn’t even realize they weren’t onscreen until the episode was over. I didn’t miss either of them at all, as I find them both nothing more than annoying distractions from the characters I care about and want to see. And as Jim mentioned, if this whole Loksat nonsense and everyone who came with it magically disappeared, I wouldn’t miss it for a minute. 

Whose baby shower gifts would you choose: Castle’s or Alexis’?    

Stacy: We don't actually know what was inside Alexis' massive wrapped gift, but chances are it was awesome. I will say that I wish Castle would have gotten a onesie with the baby vest drawn on it. That would have been adorable.

Robin: I would choose a little of both. While I agree that a baby kevlar vest is not the best idea -- cute to look at, but nobody wants to think of a baby in the path of bullets -- I was all about that baby-sized lightsaber! Castle should have given a little of the practical, a little of the nerdy.

Jim: Totally with Rick's gift. Baby Kevlar and light saber!  

Angie: I wanted to see what else Castle got! The kevlar was a little over the top and completely impractical for a couple who will have a newborn and a toddler. In the end, I think Jenny will appreciate Alexis’ gift a bit more, so I’ll go with the basket.

Christine: Castle’s gifts were so cool! As someone who has sat through the whole baby shower thing both as a mom and many times as a guest, I would have loved to have seen Rick’s gifts be opened. Jenny will get plenty of diapers and onesies but where else are you going to see baby kevlar and a tiny lightsaber?

Was there anything in this episode that disappointed you?    

Stacy: Nothing specific. It was good, but not as good as Castle Season 8 Episode 10 that aired on Sunday.

Robin: I was disappointed that we didn't get to explore Castle's anger a little more, and I hope we do in the future. Otherwise, seriously fun episode.

Jim: I'm with Stacy, it was decent but “Witness for the Prosecution” was better.  

Angie: The storyline got a little convoluted in the end, but overall, I loved it start to finish. It was fun and quirky in very classic, Castle style.

Christine: When Kate jumped in front of the sniper’s shot to save someone, I wish we’d gotten some recognition from either her or Rick that she was once shot by a sniper and has experienced PTSD because of it. I would have appreciated that continuity

What was your favorite quote or scene from Castle Season 8 Episode 11?    

Stacy: I definitely laughed out loud when Castle held up that baby bullet-proof vest. That was so ridiculous and so something he would do. I also liked Castle's line about giving Beckett space "sometimes twice."

Robin: Every scene with Vasilli was my favorite scene. That guy stole the show this week, as far as I'm concerned. My favorite scene was how he struck fear into the heart of the first diplo-brat at the coffee shop. That was soooo well done.

Jim: I have to agree with Robin, Nick Tarabay as Vasilli was incredible in every scene. I loved his work in Spartacus, but this role showed me exactly how versatile he really is.   

Angie: Hands down, Castle’s line, “At the end of the day, she’s worth it,” said it all. It’s a point I’ve been making since season 3, every time fans who get disgruntled with Kate ask why Castle keeps putting up with her. No matter what, and despite everything, she is simply worth it. It's something I really loved hearing Castle affirm.

Christine: I was happy that Kate finally told Rick about his step-mother and that he expressed some anger about being “protected” all the time. He’s suppose to be her partner. I certainly don’t want this to be such a serious issue that it puts their relationship in danger but I was happy to see Castle admit that it makes him angry from time to time. 

Check back in on Monday for our review of Castle Season 8 Episode 12 and if you can’t wait until then, you can always watch Castle online here at TV Fanatic. 

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