Arrow Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Taken

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This was an incredibly boring hour of television was bookended by a couple of decent scenes with sandwich slices of others inside.

And lest anyone think women couldn't carry a superhero show on their own in the Flarrowverse (I'm not counting Supergirl), let Arrow Season 4 Episode 15 be yet another reminder that they are the stronger sex. If not for scenes featuring Felicity, Vixen, Laurel and Thea, the entire hour would have been a waste.

They were given the brunt of the emotional material, and all of it was truthful. It was interesting to see how each reacted in different situations.

I had not watched any of Vixen on The CW Seed, so getting to know Mari and her magic was fun, if a little confusing. It wasn't clear exactly how her totem called upon and utilized the animals, and I could have sworn she was standing inside a rhinoceros when she first arrived. And does a bird pick her up to fly rather than her becoming a bird?

That could probably have used a bit more explanation to the newbies, but that's also coming from someone who hates too much exposition. I'll take it upon myself to seek it out. Not knowing didn't bother me too much. Mari considered herself a badass, and I liked that.

She was immediately likable and embraced everyone around her. What more could you want from a superhero? Since Constantine was in hell and doesn't have a series on Seed, let's hope this girl comes around more often. Maybe she'll be a part of the Birds of Prey spinoff I want so dearly.

Samantha being in the lair was, as expected, all kinds of uncomfortable. Outside of saying some lines for others to maneuver, she didn't grow as a character and is gone. That's fine. She provided what was necessary. For Laurel, that was painful memories and introspection.

At least Samantha had the balls to bring up the obvious, which was that she had a one night stand with Oliver while he was with Laurel. I loved when Laurel said no, it wasn't up to Samantha to tell her it happened, but Oliver. Damn Oliver.

It also provided a nice opportunity for Laurel and Lance to bond, as Laurel realized exactly what kind of jackass she was dating all those years ago. Not only did he cheat with her sister, but he had gotten at least one woman pregnant. That hurts.

It didn't make Felicity feel all that swell, either. 

She was coming off of a pretty big blow when she found out about William. After having the chip implanted and trying to walk, she failed, only to be verbally assaulted by Damien Darhk in the parking lot.

Felicity held up incredibly well throughout the entire ordeal. You have to imagine Oliver thought he had made it out scott free, right? Wiped some sweat off of his brow, realized how damn lucky he was to find a woman like Felicity, all the while not knowing the woman he was with AT ALL.

Everyone tried to glaze Oliver's decision, including Thea, Diggle and even Samantha. Yet if it was any one of them on the other side of a lie that humongous, you can guarantee they would not take it sitting down.

Unfortunately, that's the only way Felicity could take it. She just looked passive. She was, as we thought on the Arrow Round Table, biding her time and being a kind, compassionate woman until the William situation was over. 

Thea didn't like being lied to by her father. What was any different about that? Other than that he does it ALL THE TIME, but people continue to buy into what he says because his lips move. But I digress...

When Oliver was filming his video message for William's 18th birthday, and the camera panned out showing he was alone in the room, I knew something was terribly wrong. He was alone again. Did Felicity even know William was being sent away?

Nope. He and Samantha made a decision about William and Oliver's future without even discussing it with her, as if she had no part in their future. After all of that, everything they went through, they still didn't understand the meaning of a family, or Oliver of marriage as she described it, as inclusion.

Oliver Queen started Arrow on an island, and the man is an island. That's a problem perhaps only a therapist can solve, but Felicity can walk now, and her boots were made for walkin', so that's just what she did when she walked right out of the loft. 

Other points:

  • Oliver quit the mayoral race as part of the William plan.
  • Alex closed down the campaign headquarters and sadly left.
  • Vixen smashed Darhk's his magic gone or will he have more totems?
  • There were zombies on the island and Oliver's glowing tattoo saved him. Zombies. On the island. On Arrow.
  • William wanted to trade in his Flash action figure for a Green Arrow figure. Poor kid. :-(
  • Did people react a little less surprised that Malcolm Merlyn knew about William than you'd have expected? Do they KNOW Malcolm Merlyn?

So, tell me the truth. Was I the only one bored throughout most of this episode? Anytime Oliver was on screen it was a total snoozefest. Same with Diggle. And the Flashbacks. The ladies truly ruled the night. Agree or disagree?

Would you recommend therapy for Oliver? Maybe he should get together with Lucifer over on Fox. This Man is and Island thing truly isn't working.

Hit the comments and tell me what you think!

And watch Arrow online all throughout the hiatus, because it's OFF the air for a month, y'all!

Taken Review

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Felicity: Who's William?
Oliver: My son.

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Oh, you two just melt my stone cold heart. You almost make me believe in love again.