Chicago Med Cast Talks Challenges, Relationships, Major Drama to Come

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How does it feel to be new additions to an already big family?

Chicago Med Season 1 has joined two other super successful NBC Chicago-based and the cast is well aware that they are the newbies to the Dick Wolf family.

From what we were told during a recent visit to the Windy City, however, everyone has been welcomed with open arms.

We grabbed time with several of the Chicago Med actors to find out more about their characters, as well as how it feels to be a part of this growing family of programs. 

First up, Torrey DeVitto (Natalie) and Nick Gehlfuss (Will Halstead, brother to a certain someone at Chicago PD) talked about the challenges their characters are facing... though DeVitto didn't give too much away about more to the story with her character's pregnancy.

Next, after years on the original Law & Order, we asked S. Epatha Merkerson what it was about this show and her new character, Sharon Goodwin (Chief of Services at Chicago Med) that made her want to be a part of it - and what her character's past is all about with Oliver Platt's Chief of Psychiatry.

Speaking of Pratt, we also grabbed some time with him to discuss how Dick Wolf's shows generally educate as well as entertain... and that is a big part of his character, Dr. Daniel Charles.

Finally, every new show needs a fresh set of eyes to see this new world through and that job falls on Rachel DiPillo, who plays fourth year med student Sarah Reese.

Who is Reese leaning on in the tough times she's experiencing? And what does DiPillo think about being a part of a huge franchise? Let's see what she had to say. 

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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