The Walking Dead Round Table: The Aftermath

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We're slowly bringing the various storylines and directions back together in and around Alexandria, thanks to The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5.

The only remaining community members who need to return are Daryl, Sasha, Abraham, and Glenn. (Because we're pretty sure Glenn's not dead. Yet.) 

The all need to get back there before Jeffrey Dean Morgan appears as Negan, an epic bad guy from the comic book series. But before we get to that, let's break down the happenings of "Now." Check out what we thought about the episode and join in below!

The Walking Dead Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene from "Now?"

Lindsay: Probably Maggie and Aaron realizing that their rescue mission couldn't go any further. That moment between the two of them was really raw, and I think it started building a solid friendship between them that I'd love to see more of in the future.

Sean: I'm normally far more interested in the characters and story than cool zombie effects, but I really liked the sewer walkers. They were super creepy and slimy, and them attacking Maggie and Aaron upped the tension for the moment.

Amanda: Maggie opening up to Aaron was my favorite. Her pregnancy admission was heartbreaking, but she also conveyed a lot of strength.

Miranda: The sewer walkers have just jumped up to the Top 5 grossest walkers ever (right behind the well walker, actually). Man, they were disgusting. I enjoyed watching Jessi kill the Alexandria walker and then tell the rest of the town that this is their life now. They have to know how to survive.

Exactly how crazy is Deanna right now?

Lindsay: Ugh, I've really had it with TWD making people go cray-cray at this point. I hope she recovers from her freak out moment and puts it away, but I think she's probably scheduled a one-way trip to looney-ville. 

Sean: Hmmm. I don't think she's gone too far off the deep end. Sure, her zone out was crazy and her nonstop attack on that random walker seemed excessive. But she seems to have turned a corner into wanting to live. It may make her a more hardened character, but I wouldn't say crazy. At least not yet.

Amanda: It's too soon to tell, but she sure has a crazed look in her eyes now. Also, did she have to bang on the gate and rile up the walkers? Settle down and stop making so much noise, Deanna!

Miranda: I think Deanna is not going to make it. She's just...she's out there. Way out there. She seemed to be coming back to herself when she was drafting the community map, but then she just didn't seem together after that.

Maggie's pregnant. REACT:

Lindsay: I'd heard whispers about this spoiler all summer, and I'm not sure how I feel about it now that it's finally true. Pregnancies and babies serve little to no purpose on genre shows, and they mostly just weigh down the narrative, so I can't say I'm super excited. Babies are basically danger magnets with no motor skills, and they've already got Judith filling that role right now, so I think the chance of Maggie miscarrying could be pretty high.  

Sean:  I have to agree with Lindsay. It wasn't really a surprise as it felt like the show was dropping what felt like not so subtle hints. And can you imagine two babies on this show that also never really seem to be around until random moments? I'm just not sure I'm interested in watching another baby storyline unfold. 

Amanda: Fans had been suspecting her pregnancy since the premiere, so it wasn't that surprising. I don't know how I would feel about there being another baby for the group to take care of. 

Miranda: I've felt pretty certain this was coming because, statistically speaking, and without getting too far into reproductive biology, whatever they're using for birth control is probably going to fail. Babies always represent hope to me, so even though Judith gets passed around like an afterthought, I'm always going to want to see the human side of how families exist. Meh. I'm a sucker.

We STILL don't know if Glenn is dead. What say you, Round Table?

Lindsay: I've seen more than enough behind the scenes pics and heard enough talk about new contracts getting signed to be pretty convinced that Stephen Yeun isn't going anywhere and Glenn is still alive. But with next week's episode focusing on the 'away team' of Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, I don't think we'll get any resolution on the matter soon.

Sean: It's so annoying at this point. His death scene was impactful and heartbreaking. And as much as it was truly frustrating he wasn't killed in some heroic sacrifice, it reinforced that not even the core survivors are superheroes and immune to death. But the longer a definitive answer hasn't been given on his death, the more I think he's alive. And that's just a cheap stunt by The Walking Dead to play with viewers' emotions, and it completely goes back on what his "death" might have meant. We probably won't find out until the mid-season finale, and while on some level it'll be great to have Glenn back (love his character), I'm so over this ridiculous dead/not dead debate.

Amanda: I agree with Sean. I think everyone suspects Glenn is still alive, so why are the writers dragging it out? There's no point other than to frustrate the audience. I want to see Glenn back just as badly as the next person. I just hope when the time comes for his real death, that the audience's reaction isn't soured. 

Miranda: I feel like he's most certainly not dead right now. There's just...there's no way. There are too many hints that he's still alive. BUT! With the news that Negan has been cast and he's coming, if they save Glenn now just to, well, not save him later, it's going to make everything worse instead of better to have him alive right now. Does that even make sense? 

Better first kiss: Rick and Jessi or Tara and the doctor?

Lindsay: Rick and Jessi have always felt a little forced to me, but I do think Tara and the doctor girl are pretty cute. Plus, who doesn't love lesbian apocalypse romances? 

Sean: The Rick and Jessi kiss seemed rushed in comparison to when she just last told him to step off. But I like those two together, so good for them. And Ron's got a new step-dad now!

Amanda: I'm going with Tara and Denise. The kiss cam out of nowhere, but there was something really earnest and sweet about it. 

Miranda: I really want Rick to get a little love. The man needs some tenderness. I'll go with Rick and Jessi.

What's your drink of choice at the end of the world?

Lindsay: Bottomless mimosas. Champagne usually gives you a happy drunk, and I think I'd need that at the end of the world.

Sean: A glass of Maker's Mark on the rocks. Or a couple of Stella Artois beers. Or anything that's cold. Really, I just hope I wouldn't be drinking alone at the end of the world.

Amanda: A nice glass of Merlot or a bottle of Blue Moon should keep me happy as the world is falling apart. 

Miranda: Grey Goose and I broke up in 2011, so if the world is ending, we're rekindling our romance.

Will Carl go off to rescue Enid?

Lindsay: Probably, once he finds a sitter for Judith. Yet another problem with babies on TV; you've got to pass them off like a hot potato anytime you need their caretakers to actually do anything plot-worthy. Once Carl ditches the baby, he's for sure going after his girlfriend. 

Sean: Yes, because it's Carl, and he loves running off.

Amanda: Knowing Carl, probably. Maybe this time he'll take Ron along with him. 

Miranda: And when he takes Ron along with him, Ron will get bitten and die...(Of course Carl will run off. That's what he does.

We'll catch up with Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6! Don't forget you can watch The Walking Dead online to catch up any time!

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