The Flash Round Table: Hurt and Humiliated

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We're back with another Round Table, discussing The Flash Season 2 Episode 6, including theories on new suspects who may be Zoom... guessing games about Earth 2 ... and thoughts on Harry's further secrets, among other things.

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Whitney Evans and Hank Otero, as well as Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast. Just share your thoughts with them in the comments to join in the fun!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

It's so fun getting news from Earth 2. We learned Oliver was killed and Robert Queen is the Arrow. Do you have other Earth 2 predictions?

Andy: While I have ton of predictions for Earth-2 counter-parts, I will just leave it with this: I think Henry Allen of Earth 2 is Zoom.

Allison: Ooo, Andy I like your theory! It would definitely be more shocking that way, plus Zoom looked taller than Barry, so either he's wearing Platform shoes, or he's not Earth 2 Barry. I really enjoyed the Robert Queen twist. I'm wondering if he has his own Arrow cave.

Whitney: I've heard that theory floating around Andy and that would be a very interesting twist! At this point, I'm just excited to see what kind of people our team are on Earth 2.

Hank: I mentioned last week that Dr. Light didn't work for me, and we got more of her ugh. Anyway, it would have been cool if Zoom had sent Killer Frost over from Earth 2. Now that we've had a Linda doppelganger that seems unlikely. Henry's exit was just so bizarre, there's a good chance they'll bring him back as Zoom.

Cisco got a vibe off of Harry regarding Jesse and everyone knows about her now. Did Harry tell the whole truth when confronted?

Andy: I think he is still withholding some important information, but I don't think he at this point should be viewed as a foe, he is an ally that might just have some secrets.

Allison: I agree with Andy. Harry is hiding something, but I don't think it's anything super evil. Harry's motives seem clear – to save his daughter. If he is hiding anything else, I think Harry has a good reason.

Whitney: I highly doubt Harry told the whole story. While I don't think Harry is truly a bad guy, I don't think he's being completely open with the team, probably because he doesn't know them all that well.

Hank: I agree with everyone else, Harry's definitely holding back. I'm hoping he's all about saving his daughter and not actually working WITH Zoom. I still don't trust that face, sorry I can't help it you guys.

What do you think Barry being temporarily paralyzed will do for the story?

Andy: It was chilling because Zoom could have just killed him, but the worse thing that a villain can do is by taking away the one thing that makes you that hero. I am interested in how he actually gets the powers back, if it's going to be a unique Speed Force connection or if it's someone that we know that might help him.

Allison: I'm interested to see how Barry gets it back. Zoom got what he wanted – Barry's speed, so if Barry gets it back, it's not going to be easy. I'm hoping to delve more into the mythology.

Whitney: Barry hasn't been known to handle setbacks particularly well, so I'm fully expecting him to be mopey Barry. How he gets his speed back should be a really intriguing storyline and I'm hoping it's resolved sooner rather than later.

Hank: I expect Jay Garrick to return and for the team to step up while Barry's down for the count. Perhaps Harry will somehow help get Barry's powers back, allowing the team to trust him more. Then, he'll turn around and betray them. As you can tell, I fully expect Harry to unleash his evil side haha.

What lasting effects will Zoom taking Barry on a Central City field trip have on The Flash's reputation?

Andy: Major effects. Zoom literally humiliated and crushed the image that Central City had for their hero and that won't be easy to come back from for Barry so that will be another struggle that he will have to work through for the rest of the season.

Allison: I think it will have more of an affect on Barry than on Central City. Barry was humiliated, and it will take himself awhile to be able to trust himself with the task of protecting Central City.

Whitney: I'm with Andy here, the image of a hero thoroughly beaten down and broken is going to send shockwaves through Central City. A superhero is supposed to be untouchable, so seeing Flash essentially defeated may cause the citizens to doubt him. There may be no more Flash days and special coffee specials after Zoom's chilling field trip.

Hank: It's going to be a little bit of both, Barry struggling to trust himself and Central City understanding The Flash isn't perfect. I agree with Whitney, bye bye Flash days. I really hope Barry's not struggling with this the rest of the season, that will grow old quick. Besides, isn't the big Arrow/Flash crossover coming up? Our hero will be back before we know it.

Now that we have seen more of Zoom, do you have any further theories on who he may be?

Andy: as I mentioned in the first question: totally think it's Henry Allen of Earth-2. Imagine how compelling and complex it would be if Barry has to go up against, not just a powerful foe, but a man that looks like his beloved father, but a corrupted version of him? That's an awesome hero vs villain dynamic that I would love to see.

Allison: I really like Andy's theory. I'm taking the easy way out and just picking his theory.

Whitney: Considering how gigantic Zoom looked next to Barry and the fact that he was flinging him around like a rag doll, it's hard to still think Earth 2 Barry is Zoom. I like Andy's theory but I'm not sold on that just yet. Basically, I'm undecided.

Hank: If it's not Henry Allen, Zoom could also be Eddie Thawne. As Andy mentioned in our last round table, perhaps when Eddie was sucked into the wormhole it twisted him and made him a villain on Earth 2? Or he could just be evil Earth 2 Eddie. Zoom better have an interesting connection to our heroes, and not just some new villain we've never met.

What else stood out to you about "Enter Zoom"?

Andy: It was a stronger episode than last week, I did however have a major issue with the final scene when they were at Star Labs. Almost everyone is there and gathered for Barry, but yet somehow, the writers forgot to have Iris there. I got so irritated by that because I know for sure that if someone had bothered letting Iris know that Barry basically almost died, she would have dropped everything and drive over there because it's one of the most important people in her life.

Let's not forget that she had to witness Zoom invade her work place and humiliate Barry there too so I could only imagine how scared to life Iris must be. And to not have her be there with the rest of the team, just felt like a slip-up writing. Some may slam me for "nitpicking" but when there is an important scene like that when the hero has fallen big time, for emotional touches, that's a moment when you should have all of them there together at Barry's side.

Allison: I just really enjoyed Linda pretending to be Dr. Light. It brought some levity to the episode. Her "fight" scene with Barry was hilarious. Linda's scenes were the highlight of the episode for me.

Whitney: The special effects still continue to impress the hell out of me. The last ten minutes was riveting stuff and it could have easily been something you'd see on the big screen. I'm really excited to see if they can keep up the good work next week when Grodd makes his triumphant reappearance.

Hank: I thought the last 10 minutes were stronger than last week, but overall this wasn't a memorable two-parter. Don't get me wrong, Zoom is a scary big bad, however the Reverse Flash's first appearance was heart-stopping. I'm not feeling that excitement yet, hopefully the reveal will be a big deal. Right now, I'm looking forward to the crossover episodes more.

Make sure you're back for The Flash Season 2 Episode 7, "Gorilla Warfare"!

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