The Walking Dead Round Table: Thank You, Glenn

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Is that...did we...did Glenn Rhee die on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3? Please say no! It can't be true, can it? 

We're in the midst of the seven stages of grief and some of us here on The Walking Dead Round Table panel have settled deeply into the bargaining phase. We'll give you Rick Grimes (or Morgan. Or Heath. OR ANYBODY ELSE.) if you give us Glenn Rhee, showrunners. 

Join Sean McKenna, Lindsay MacDonald, Amanda Steinmetz, and Miranda Wicker from TV Fanatic and The Walking Dead fan HakSawJack (aka Jason Dempsey) as we sound off about the very real chance we've seen the last of a living Glenn Rhee.

The Walking Dead Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Thank You?"

Sean: Yup, definitely the "Good luck, dumb ass" line was great, but it also made me even more nervous for Glenn's fate... 

Jason: "Good luck, dumb ass." This was an awesome call back to The Walking Dead Season 1 when Glenn talked to Rick who was trapped in the tank. 

Lindsay: Michonne's speech to Heath about how much violence and tragedy she'd experienced was seriously intense. I love it when Michonne gets emotional. 

Amanda: Definitely Michonne's speech to Heath. The Alexandrians have no idea what it's really like out there. I also thought it was important because it showed that while Michonne doesn't agree with Rick's thinking, she still understands why he does what he does.

Miranda: There was so much to love in this episode. I loved everything mentioned, but just to add something a little different, I'll go with the look on Heath's face when he watched Dave (David?) die. He thought he knew, but he had no idea. Now he does. I think I'm starting to get attached to the guy which probably means he'll die soon.

It looks like Glenn is most definitely dead. Pen a eulogy for our fallen pizza guy.

Sean: Glenn, you came so far on this journey. From delivering pizza to going on supply runs to becoming a leader in the group, you've been an important member of the survivors. And you've been willing to help others when you didn't need to. I want to hope you could make it out alive, but death is a part of life and we will all mourn the tragic loss. RIP Glenn.

Jason: Glenn is resourceful survivor who once used blood and guts to camouflage himself from walkers. He seems to have plenty of both on him thanks to Nicholas. Glenn lives, I feel it!!

Lindsay: Dear Glenn, I'm so glad that was Nicholas getting eaten on top of you, and that you're alive and well and hiding under the dumpster with nary a scratch on you. Phew! That was a close one. Keep on fighting, buddy. You're going to be fine. (I may be in denial).

Amanda: Glenn went from a young pizza delivery boy to a reliable leader who held onto his compassion even in the most dire of circumstances. If he is indeed dead, then I weep for his loss. If he is alive, then I hope he never takes someone like Nicholas under his wing again.

Miranda: I seriously didn't breathe during that scene, guys. Just clutched at my heart and didn't breathe while my husband kept going "Oh man...oh man..." Glenn was/is a quiet leader, still trying to be a beacon of light in a world of darkness but understanding that sometimes bad things have to happen. Thank you for always trying to bring hope to your friends and family.

Scott Gimple says we haven't seen the last of Glenn. In what ways might he be back? 

Sean: I think it's truly depressing that Glenn is dead, but I also think it would be cheap of The Walking Dead to play a fake out game. So as much as I'd love for him to survive that massive herd all around him, and we know how much of a survivor he has been, he's not a superhero. I'll definitely miss Glenn, but I can only assume we see him as a walker. But then again, with all this speculation and Gimple teasing fans, you never know.  

Jason: I believe he's alive! He wasn't a guest on Talking Dead and he wasn't in the memoriam. I think we see him alive but traumatized. 

Lindsay: Assuming I'm wrong, and Glenn is actually dead (they did give him that callback line from the pilot after all) then I think we'll probably see him in some flashbacks in Alexandria. He and Maggie never really got a good final scene together, so something between the two of them will probably be his send off. Poor Maggie, losing her dad, her sister, and her husband over the course of like... 2 months? Brutal. 

Amanda: There's only three scenarios I see. 1: Glenn died, and we see him next as a walker. 2: Glenn died, and we seem him in flashbacks. 3: Glenn somehow survived and we'll see him soldier on. 

Miranda: I know that Glenn's death is much more iconic in the comics, but honestly, I don't want to think he's dead, see him alive, and then lose him again in 5 or 10 episodes. My heart can't take it. But! If we're going to see parts of Glenn, I think it's because Maggie's pregnant. He was all "You can't go. You have to stay here." in the second episode and in this one he told Michonne he HAD to get back to Alexandria.

Should Glenn have killed Nicholas when he had the chance?

Sean: Hindsight is always 20/20. I'm pretty sure if Nicholas had managed to get the group out, this would be a vastly different type of question. And sure, I'm mad at what Nicholas did at the very end that got Glenn into the walker pit, but that's what I loved about Glenn's character and his willingness to try and help others. Yes, it cost him in the end, but I'm glad that Glenn stuck to who he was and didn't kill Nicholas. Now I'm just sad about how things all turned out because of that.

Jason: YES! I hate to quote the Governor but he had a point when he said, "You kill or you die."

Lindsay: Absolutely. That guy was a problem from the start, and he never really redeemed himself enough to make me glad Glenn spared him. 

Amanda: Um... yes! I understand Glenn's need to find the good, but that decision just came back to bite him in the ass. 

Miranda: Yvette Brown brought up an interesting point on The Talking Dead when she said Glenn has never killed another human. I hadn't kept up with that, but it's true. So while I think yes, he should've killed Nicholas, it wouldn't have been in keeping with his character.

Has Alexandria been worth all the deaths we've seen since Rick & Co's arrival there?

Sean: I think so. Rick and company have been through multiple locations and deaths, but in Alexandria, they are fighting to help the innocent and they are fighting for a place they can live. Granted, no deaths would be great, but life isn't that simple in the world of The Walking Dead.

Jason: The worth of Alexandria is yet to be realized.  In time, the cost may be deemed worthwhile. 

Lindsay: There really has been a record number of deaths in the past 10 episodes or so, hasn't there? I think Alexandria could be worth it, but right now it's kind of looking like a pipe dream, especially with a horde of walkers headed right for the place.

Amanda: Yes, because those were innocent people who had no idea how to protect themselves. However, Alexandria can't survive the attack from the Wolves and the incoming herd of walkers. Whoever is still alive needs to pack up their things and get as far away as possible.

Miranda: Not at all. NO. We've lost entirely too many people since they arrived at Alexandria, and I don't like who this place is making Rick become. In his mind, the Alexandrians are expendable so long as his people survive. Early TWD Rick Grimes would've seen all humans as his people provided they weren't openly hostile. 

What's going to happen to Rick now that he's trapped in the RV in the middle of the walker herd?

Sean: Oh, he will survive. This is Rick we are talking about.

Jason: Rick will do whatever it takes to survive and protect his family. He will find away out!!

Lindsay: Is it bad that I don't really care? He's been a bit of an asshole this past year, and I can't find much to like about him, ergo, watching him die would not be half as traumatizing as it would have been in The Walking Dead Season 4.

Amanda: I'm sure he'll survive, but I have no idea how he gets out. Someone needs to blare another horn and distract them!

Miranda: In the aerial shot there was a barn just through the woods. He needs to make a run for it while he still can. 

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4 is a special, 90-minute episode in which we'll (hopefully) learn Glenn's fate while zeroing in on Morgan. Don't miss it and remember that if you do, you can watch The Walking Dead online here at TV Fanatic!

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