The Good Wife Season 6 Report Card: Grade It!

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Cary faced a prison term, Alicia learned a hard truth about politics and Kalinda said her final goodbye in The Good Wife Season 6.

Being good is never as easy as it sounds - and The Good Wife had its ups and downs this season. Take a look as we list our Favorite Episodes, Best Twist and Worst Trend in our Season 6 report card for The Good Wife.

Best Episode: The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 16. “Red Meat” included hunting, politics and a debate on abortion. All things that would normally make me cringe and yet it was a perfect example of how this show tackles relevant controversies without being preaching. Diane and RD had a mature and civilized debate despite being on opposing sides. It was the most entertaining installment of the season regardless of where you stand on the issues.

Worst Episode: The Good Wife Season 6 episode 14, If we learned anything from “Mind’s Eye” it’s that the mind of Alicia Florrick is a scary place. It’s filled with Zack as a homeless man, sex scenes with various colleagues and online credit card ads. Alicia swore she hadn’t taken any cold medicine to make her loopy but this episode made me feel like I had. 

Most Interesting New Character: Marissa Gold. Eli’s smart, spunky daughter isn’t afraid to speak her mind and had all the best lines of the second half of the season. Now that Alicia’s no longer in politics we don’t know what’s next for Marissa but we definitely want to see her back next season.

Best Twist: Alicia loses everything. After building a new law firm and spending an entire season fighting to win the election for State’s Attorney, it was a complete shock when the party turned on her and she lost it all. Not only didn’t we see that coming, we’re happy to have her out of politics for good. 

Most Disappointing Twist: Alicia and Kalinda’s goodbye. We waited all season for it but something about that scene didn’t ring true on an emotional level. Perhaps it’s that (rumor has it) both actresses filmed the scene separately and it was later edited together. If that’s the case, fans deserved better. 

Best Couple:  Diane and Kurt. We don’t get to see a lot of them and they don’t always agree but that’s the beauty of this relationship. Diane and Kurt are grownups who have enough respect for one another to know that differences of opinion don’t have to ruin a great love story. 

Best New Trend: Diane working for RD has been a reminder of how good The Good Wife can be. From abortion to gay rights, we want to see these two debate more important issues next season.

Worst Trend:  Alicia’s romantic life. She and Peter live separate lives. Johnny Elfman was a one-night stand and Finn went back to his ex-wife. We know that Will’s death shook Alicia to her core. Will was the road not taken and now she’ll never know what might have been but the tease of romance with other characters has led to nothing but disappointment for both Alicia and fans.

What we'd like to see in The Good Wife Season 7:

  • Either let Alicia find actual romance or let her be happily single. The constant tease is annoying.
  • File for divorce. Yes, we know it’s called “The Good Wife” but Alicia will never be happy living a lie and that’s exactly what her marriage to Peter has become. Both characters deserve better.
  • More Diane and Cary. Kalinda's run off and Will is dead but we still want to see what's left of the core characters that made this show great.

This felt like a season full of transitions for Alicia and the show. Some worked. Some didn't.

Our grade for The Good Wife Season 6: B.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics. Grade The Good Wife Season 6:

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