Chicago Fire Picture Preview: Casey Undercover

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After a heartbreaking week in the Chicago universe, things couldn't get much worse; or could they?

Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 22 finds Casey going undercover in order to take down Jack, but will he be able to work with Voight after their troubled past? It remains to be seen. 

It looks like Chili's alcoholic beverage is getting some recognitio. She appears to be pitching the product. Will it be successful enough to make it to sale?

We look set for more drama between Otis and Severide, but it looks like the rest of the firehouse takes Otis' side and it might make Severide question what is really going on with Rice, potentially leading to a confrontation between the two friends.

We will probably see some of the fallout from Nadia's death since Chicago PD looks to be taking a big part in the hour.

The disaster of the episode looks like it could be some sort of car bomb, or just a car that's been set on fire. We'll have to tune in to get the details. Remember to return for a full run down of the episode after it airs.

Make sure you're here on Tuesday, May 5 shortly after the show airs for a full review of the installment and remember you can watch Chicago Fire online, right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up on this addictive drama now.

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