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Will Rick and his group ever be able to forget life outside the walls of Alexandria? That was the question on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13. The answer, of course, is no. 

Well, probably no.

Join Eric Nordhoff of The Walker Stalkers, Sean McKenna, Whitney Evans, and Miranda Wicker as we discuss "Forget" and that harrowing scene with Carol!

The Walking Dead Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Forget?"

Eric: Favorite scene was most definitely Carol confronting little Sam about catching her taking guns.

Sean: It's hard not to immediately think of the Carol scene and how scary she was in her threat to Sam. She is not the little homemaker she is pretending to be. Those days are long gone.

Whitney: It was a quick little moment, but I liked the scene where Noah wanted to leave the party and Maggie and Glenn urged him to stay. The group really is a family and I love the way they look out for one another. 

Miranda: I have to go with Sasha's outburst at the party. Here are these women worrying about preparing her favorite meal like she's just some new kid to the neighborhood, which, yes, she is, and she's aware that there's a very real threat of losing everyone you love lingering just a few feet away. Well done, Sasha. Well done indeed.

Scale of 1 to 10, how scared are you of Carol?

Eric: I’m scared FOR Carol more than I am scared OF Carol.  I don’t think Sam will hold true and he will eventually tell on her.  Then, all heck is going to break loose.  This whole thing is going to fall apart by the end of this season.  The group is going to take over Alexandria by the end of this season.  That’s my best guess.  So, I will give my fear OF Carol a 4 out of 10.  My fear FOR Carol is an 8 or 9.

Sean: She's scary in just how hardened she has become, but not enough to think that she'd actually follow through with Sam... right? I'll go with a 6.

Whitney: I'm going with a solid 7. There are people that are way scarier than Carol out there, but considering where she started, she's no angel now. As scary as her little speech was, it's totally in character with who Carol has become. 

Miranda: I'm not gonna lie. Scarol definitely freaked me out in that little confrontation. It would've been just as easy, and probably easier for Sam to digest, if she'd said she snuck back in to the pantry to get supplies to make him more cookies. He would've been too overjoyed at the promise of more treats to point out the fact that she was digging around in the gun freezer. That scene earns Carol a 9 from me.

Scale of 1 to 10, how scared of Rick should Jessie's husband be?

Eric: He should be very scared.  Rick is a loose cannon and has no business being Constable.  Pete better just give up his wife now before he dies.  I give it a 10.

Sean: Rick may have lost his beard, but he can throw down at anytime. Those looks he gave last night were intense. Sorry, Pete. Rick is at a full-throttle 10.

Whitney: Rick's crazy eyes are back, so it has to be a 10. The next time Pete looks at Jessie wrong, Rick will probably lose it.

Miranda: He reached for his gun, guys! Rick met Pete and just instinctively reached for his gun! His Spidey-senses are tingling! Pete better watch out! Solid 10.

Was Abraham hitting on Michonne?

Eric: No, he was drunk.  He has Rosita.  Why go anywhere else?!

Sean: You know what's weird is the longer the conversation went on, I was beginning to wonder the same thing. I had to rewatch it just to make sure I wasn't missing some subtle hint or something. I don't think he was hitting on her, but maybe there might be something between them later on? Hmm.

Whitney: I didn't get that vibe at first, but like Sean, I re-watched the scene and I could see why someone would think he was. I think with the booze and romantic setting, the scene came off a little flirty but I don't think it will lead to anything.

Miranda: I barely recognized Rosita when they walked into the party together, so maybe Abraham didn't realize he was there with her. I definitely got the vibe that Abraham was hitting on Michonne, but what's weirder is that I got the vibe she enjoyed it. Hopefully it was just a weirdly booze-fueled chat and nothing more.

What do you make of Aaron and Eric being the ones to connect with Daryl?

Eric: Interesting.  I think they’re the least threatening of the bunch to him.  Daryl so badly wants to find people to believe in him.  He’s a sensitive guy behind the tough exterior.  

Sean: I liked it a lot. Aaron is really approachable and seems very sincere. I think actually facing off against walkers together was important for Daryl, but I with everything going so smoothly in Alexandria, I'm waiting for everything to just fall apart.

Whitney: I really, really like Aaron, so I'm glad he was the one to breakthrough to Daryl. I understand why he is so hard and closed off, but seeing him let his guard down was nice. 

Miranda: It works because Aaron and Eric and Daryl are all outsiders to the Alexandria community. The reasons are different, but there's a mutual understanding that comes along with feeling like you don't belong, so it makes sense that Aaron was able to help give Daryl a purpose in the community. And if we get any scenes of Daryl fixing up that bike, maybe covered in a little grease and sweat, I won't complain.

Discuss Rick and Daryl deciding that they didn't actually need guns inside the gates:

Eric: Weakness.  It’s a sign of weakness and, rightfully so, Carol was surprised.  I think it’s the wrong move.  Not as much for Daryl because he still has his crossbow with him.  Rick is going to have to go hand to hand combat or use a machete to do his killing.

Sean:  I know Carol was surprised but I understood it. I don't think the three have lost their caution, but everything so far has been rather good in Alexandria. I still think they should have just hidden a few in their home or something, just in case, but I guess we'll see the repercussions of their decision by the time the season ends

Whitney: This will come back to haunt them! No matter how great things seem, it's still the zombie apocalypse. They will be regretting that decision somewhere down the road.

Miranda: There's just no way this ends well. They know someone has the gun Rick left in the blender, so the prudent thing would be to be prepared. Rick did take an extra pistol to tuck into his pants, but they're going to get caught with their pants down. (Maybe literally if Rick and Jessie can't stay away from each other.) I'm kind of scared for them and what's coming in the final three episodes.

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