21 TV Couples Whose Sizzle Has Fizzled

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It's Sexy Saturday, and this week, we're going down a different path.

How can two people who are sexy in their own right, walk together and become a drag? Well, chemistry is a tricky, tricky thing for onscreen couples, and sometimes they're a major flop. 

We've all seen the pairings that just can't quite hit the mark. Maybe the characters don't work well together, or the actors just don't have the right connection. Maybe there's simply too much action going on with the plot, leaving no time to worry about the kissy stuff. 

Regardless, chemistry is usually subjective, and fans will get into some pretty rabid discussions about who belongs with who.

Flip through the slideshow and let us know what you think about our list of chemistry flops. We'll be sure to duck and cover and probably run for our lives.

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