Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 8 Review: This One's For Me

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I love it when sitcom characters have fake acting jobs. It's always so hilariously cheesy.

This week on Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 8, Grayson provides the cheese when Jules' finds out about his hidden stand up comedy quartet. 

It's a timeless tale; the boy lies, which causes the girl to snoop, and suddenly both parties are in the wrong. Personally, I think you never know what you're going to find when you go snooping through your significant other's stuff, so Jules' really took her life in her hands there.

Jules: At least none of these are weird sex things.
Tom: Uh, two of them can be.
Jules: Which one? No, I don't want to know. It's the fedora, right?

Jules' and Grayson's conflict was decidedly silly, but it was rooted in the deeper issue of him not trusting her with his secrets. Jules is a bit of a blabber mouth after all. I thought it was definitely a touching moment that she ended up lying for his dignity at the end of the episode, even if everyone could see right through her excuses. 

Even sillier than a Rigatoni Quartet, was Andy's concept of "secret treats" for men who always let their women win fights. A happy wife might make a happy home, but Andy might be kidding himself if he thinks stale marshmallows are the only thing keeping him sane.

Travis' secret PS4 purchase turns out to be way more stressful as a secret than an open admission, which is why he ends up telling Laurie about it. I'm not all that surprised that she wasn't angry with him, even after he lied. For all her hysterics, Laurie really seems like she'd be the most chill girlfriend/wife of the bunch. 

Ellie, the poor darling, spent most of the night being tormented by Laurie and her band of mommy twitter followers as they dressed up in identical outfits with their kids.

We're even wearing the same unisex cologne. "Both" by Bruce Jenner.


I have to side with Ellie on this one; matching outfits are weird and borderline bad parenting. I don't care if it's an Armani suit, if a kid rolls up wearing the same exact clothes as his mom, he's going to get beat up on the playground that afternoon. Harsh truth. 

Tonight's episode was a bit of ridiculous fun, which was an nice break from the slightly heavier episodes we've had the past few weeks. I'm all ready for more touching moments between our favorite characters, but every now and then you just need a good fluff episode. 

Don't forget to watch Cougar Town online via TV Fanatic to figure out where exactly Andy hides all his marshmallows and check in next week for a review of Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 9!

This One's For Me Review

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Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

You look white trash enough to be Kid Rock's mom.


We're even wearing the same unisex cologne. "Both" by Bruce Jenner.