Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Speakeasy Rider

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Fasten your seat belts, Fanatics!

Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 9 gave us a little sisterly rivalry and some home-brewed mischief. Start your engines and lets go!

The episode begins with Tina, Gene and Louise observing a go-kart racing league and instantly wanting to join in. Without the money for a go-kart (which would come in handy here), the children take a broken down bumper car and fix it up. 

When Louise insists on being the driver, despite the fact that Tina is a considerably better driver, Tina accepts an offer to join another group, creating a rift between the Belcher sisters.

Meanwhile, Bob and Linda decide to sell Teddy's surprisingly good home-brewed beer at the restaurant, which quickly becomes popular. Their success is threatened by health inspectors and long time enemies, Hugo and Ron, who won't rest until they expose their illegal side business.

While this was far from a memorable episode, it was still an enjoyable half hour of television. Considering how Louise is the schemer who's almost always a step ahead of everyone around her, it was particularly satisfying to see Tina put her in her place when it came to driving. It was even more enjoyable to see Tina stand her ground when Louise insisted she should drive, even though Tina was far and away a better driver. 

The best part about tonight was seeing a sassier Tina. Tina has no shortage of wonderfully awkward quotes, but she was quite the little smart ass tonight and I was all about it. I wasn't expecting it at all and I loved every second of it.

That made it a little disappointing to see Tina turn around and help her sister in the final race. While it's always sweet to see these characters showing their love for each other, it would have been interesting to see Tina put Louise in her place for once. 

Considering how the subplots can often be lackluster compared to the main plot, I found the Bob and Linda's story to be surprisingly interesting, enough to where I'm surprised that it was a subplot when it could have been another episode's main story. It had higher stakes (they could be shut down for selling alcohol illegally) and it refreshingly showed Bob as a participant in a crazy scheme rather than being the sarcastic voice of reason.

What did you think of tonight's episode?

Have you ever raced go-karts? Do you brew your own beer? Do you have a passion for waving flags?

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NOTE: Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 10 will be titled "Late Afternoon" and air on January 25.

Speakeasy Rider Review

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