Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Father of the Bob

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Ready for some Yuletide cheer!? If so, then you came to the wrong place. If you have daddy issues, pull up a chair, 'cause it's story time!

Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 6 takes place on Christmas Ever and the Belchers are attending a Christmas party over at Big Bob's Diner, owned by Bob's dad, Big Bob. Bob is particularly hesitant to go, but is forced to by Linda, who insists "Christmas magic" will mend the many issued between them.

Once they arrive, however, old issues and arguments almost immediately rear their ugly heads, leading to a competition in the kitchen that could drive them even further apart.

If anyone were to tell to tell me this week's superior storyline would have come from Bob, I would have said someone has been hitting the eggnog too hard. Alas, Bob was this week's MVP, much to my pleasant surprise.

As I've mentioned in the past, Bob's role as the show's straight man means he usually gets the less crazy and, a result, typically less memorable storylines. He works better in the more subtle and relatable storylines and he got a great one this week. Being belittled by anyone, let alone a parent, can be extremely frustrating, which made Bob's arc easy to invest in and provided the episode with a strong emotional core.

I was particularly surprised with the direction the climax went in. After Bob and his father battled it out over the order of one of the diner's regulars, I was expecting the regular to either pick his usual meal, causing Big Bob to get his way once again, or to pick neither meal then proceed to tell the two men to patch things up. I was surprised and honestly, a little bit elated when the regular picked Bob's burger, especially considering just how few and far between moments of victory really are for Bob. 

I was also particularly pleased with how Bob and Big Bob reconciled on the dance floor. While it wasn't anything we haven't seen before in a lot of other programs, it was subtly handled, making it more relatable. It was a satisfying way to wrap up the episode's main plot.

That being said, I was flabbergasted to find the children's storyline was actually the weaker storyline of the episode. It wasn't bad, it was just disappointingly lackluster compared to the typically memorable storylines carried by the Belcher kids.

I haven't even gotten to Linda yet. While I typically find her character endearing, if a little loud, I couldn't help but find her pretty damn annoying throughout the episode. Bob has some real issues with his dad and her constant pushing and nagging for him to fix it, as well intentioned as it may have been, was actually beginning to make me mad. She proved to be just as controlling, if not more controlling than Big Bob himself, which is saying something.

What did you think of this week's episode?

Do you have Daddy issues? Would you rather have a tuna melt or the Baby You Can Chive My Car burger? Did you find Linda as annoying as I did?

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Father of the Bob Review

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