The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Reunion Part 1

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The ladies hit the sofa on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 16 reunion show and the lines are drawn between friends and family. We recap the truth, the lies, and the catty comments in our +/- review.

Teresa Giudice's legal issues may have been the big news of the day but I was more interested in hearing about Dina's point of view concerning her feud with sister Caroline Manzo and sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita.

It was good to hear that Dina hopes that she and Caroline will eventually work out their differences. Plus 20. They are sisters but when it comes to sister-in-law Jacqueline, Dina doesn't want to deal with any of her chaos. 

I thought it was very sad that Dina invited both Caroline, Jacqueline, and their families to Lexi's graduation party but none of them attended. Minus 33. Talk about slapping down an olive branch. Apparently they insisted on talking everything out first but I think I agree with Dina. That probably wouldn't have solved anything and just because they disagree doesn't mean they shouldn't get together for important events in their children's lives. 

As for Dina's personal life, well that's still a bit of a mess. She still hasn't filed for divorce and she and Tommy continue to live together. It's sort of a friends with benefits thing as she sort of explained to Andy Cohen in this The Real Housewives of New Jersey quote...

Andy: You've got to get your pipes cleaned, Dina.
Dina: Maybe I am, just from a plumber that I know.

I'm not crazy about the plumbing metaphor but plus 11 to Dina for just rolling with it. 

Moving on, Kathy and Rosie joined the sofas along with a clip of their mom being asked what she thought of Teresa's legal issues. She responded by saying that when you do something wrong, you have to pay for it. 

I could understand why Teresa was a bit hurt but you'd think she'd have a thicker skin about it at this point. Minus 18.  But on Teresa's side, couldn't Bravo had turned off her mic while she was in the ladies room? A little privacy, please. Although hearing Teresa find a penny was sort of funny. Of course she could use all of the good luck she can find. 

Kathy and Rosie seemed to be there just to get under Teresa's skin. Honestly, they didn't add much to this entire season so that shouldn't be such a surprise. And Minus 25 to Kathy for trying to make it sound like that dictionary grab bag gift could have been for anyone. She obviously gave it to Teresa as a joke that didn't go over well. Just own it.

One of the favoirite off script moments was when Dina asked Andy what his tag line would be and he responded with...

My tag line would be, I may be a man but I fight like a girl.


The twins went after Amber once again and talk about petty! They tried to imply that she'd had a nose job since the season ended. Minus 21 they really hate the girl. I would have hated to be in high school with those two. They are the classic mean girls.

Of course no one had a nice thing to say about Jim Marchese and I'm sure he'll prove them all correct when he talks the sofa on the Reunion part 2!

Episode total = -66! Season total = -856!

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Reunion Part 1 Review

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Andy: You talk about how zen and you are and spiritual but I feel like you will cut a bitch.
Dina: Yeah, I won't cut her, I will cut her off.

Andy: You've got to get your pipes cleaned, Dina.
Dina: Maybe I am, just from a plumber that I know.