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On Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 Oliver learns about Laurel's training when a body is discovered at Wildcat Gym. Are the deaths at the hands of Ted Grant?

How will Oliver react when he finds out the man Laurel is training with has a secret very similar to his own? Can Ted be the killer Oliver suspects?

There are some nice interactions between The Arrow and former vigilante Ted -- should someone wearing a mask be pointing the finger at another man with accusations of serial killers donning them as well? There are a lot of nuggets tossed out between the two men for your enjoyment.

Laurel comes to a place where she discovers she's no longer afraid and she likes it. It's unlikely she'll stop training any time soon.

Felicity, meanwhile, learns Roy's secret. He stopped sleeping at the same time Sara was killed and the forensic evidence in addition to his dreams (or memories?) are damning. Is Roy just another weapon in Oliver's arsenal or is there more to all of it for the kid in red?

Find out all about it when you watch Arrow online!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Roy: Nothin' much. Just a feeling. A feeling of being not me. Being strong and out of control. But, here's the thing, in those dreams, I killed Sara.
Felicity: And this really had you worried.
Roy: Because the dreams, they didn't feel like dreams, Felicity, they felt like memories. I actually remember throwing arrows into her. Crazy, right?
Felicity: Yeah. Crazy.

Felicity: You just had me test your blood for a serum you were cured from six months ago. I already knew it was stupid.
Roy: The reason I haven't been sleeping is because I have been having dreams, and not normal ones.