The Real Housewives of New York City Review: The Vile Side

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It's been a season of insults, breakups and tossed limbs, as The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Episode 23 finally came to a close this week We recap who has their big girl panties on and who has a vile side in our +/- review...

Bullsh*t was called more than once on Aviva Drescher during the reunion's conclusion. Plus 15. We're just grateful someone did it. 

First Aviva swore that when she said, "At least I'm not 50" about Carole she meant it as a compliment. She says she actually thought Carole was older. Minus 30. Let's face it. There's not a snowball's chance in hell that Aviva believed she was giving Carole a compliment. 

Or as Carole put it, "Even your compliments sound like insults." Plus 10. 

Aviva also claimed that comparing Sonja's downward spiral to Anna Nicole Smith's was also a compliment. Smith's spiral ended in death! Minus 50. Perhaps Aviva needs to look up the definition of compliment?

Then Aviva lit into Heather for calling her a mother f**ker, which is kind of funny because Aviva's been known to let the F-bomb fly on several occasions. "You act like a gang member." We're guessing Aviva hasn't known very many gang members in her life. but we'll give her a plus 12 for "This isn't the hood. This is the Hamptons." We wonder how long it took her to think that one up.

Aviva sort of let Heather off the hook for her outburst when she said, "I think you were doing your job which was to be Carole's b*tch." Maybe that was a compliment too. Minus 23.

Finally we got to Aviva's leg toss, which she swears was impulsive. Kristen stands up and calls Bullsh*t! Plus 45. We couldn't agree more.

Not to beat a dead horse with a false leg but the conversation did lead to a host of creative lines from the ladies with Sonja exclaiming, "I've heard of throwing the towel in." and LuAnn telling Aviva, "You really put your foot in your mouth this time."

But this wasn't all the Aviva show. Kristen shared that her daughter is still in therapy but now she's walking! Plus 25. Three cheers for early intervention.

And Heather shared the worries for her son's future considering the oldest pediatric transplant recipient is only in their 30s. The future is a huge question mark. When asked how she stays so positive, for Heather the answer was simple. "I have my kid." Plus 43.

Even Sonja tried to put a positive spin on her tribulations while affirming that she's handling her financial issues. “I’m handling things, I’ve got my big girl panties on.” So, should we assume she's not going commando these days?

But things once again turned back to Aviva as Ramona tried to understand her special brand of lunacy…

"Why do you turn on people like that?" and "What triggers you? There is a side of you that is so nice and let's face it, there is a side of you that's pretty vile."  

That shut Aviva down pretty quick. "I can't have a conversation with someone who calls me vile." 

Plus 22 to Andy for his facial expressions in the background as Ramona talked to Aviva. They were priceless. 

The ladies all shared what they'd learned from this season:

  • Ramona (to Kristen):  I had a grudge because you weren't forgiving me easily. Everybody has their own speed. I'm sorry I didn't take you in earlier the way I should have.
  • Kristen: I think I need to work on my communication, obviously in my marriage and with friends.
  • Heather: How lucky I am to have really, really good people in my life.
  • Sonja: That Lu is much more sensitive than she appears.
  • LuAnn: I had a different position this season and it was very relaxing. This season she was Lu.
  • Aviva:  The importance of women supporting women. It can make you or break you if it's not hit right.
  • Carole: The people who you think have your back probably will and the people who will kick you while you're down probably will. 

Now we'll just have to wait and see who comes back for season 7.

Episode total = +69! Season total = -510!

Which Housewife would you like to see cut from next season?

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