The Good Wife Season 6: Is Alicia In?

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At the conclusion of The Good Wife Season 4, Alicia told Cary she was in - and the subsequent 22 episodes of this terrific CBS drama centered around the formation of Florrick, Agos & Associates.

So, now that Eli has floated the prospect of State's Attorney her way at the end of The Good Wife Season 5, will Alicia give the same positive response?

Not quite.

Had a Weird Year

"We start next year exactly where we left off this year and Alicia's reaction is, 'Are you f---ing insane? That's the last thing I want to do,’” co-creator Robert King tells E! News in the aftermath of Sunday’s finale.

But King added, of course, "things tend to change on the show.”

Robert King added that Season 6 will "play with the structure of the series a bit," with co-creator and wife Michelle King adding:

"We’ll see some episodes that are light on court and others that are more traditional."

The Kings also confirmed the following: 

  • Kalinda will go to Florrick/Agos with Diane.
  • Matthew Goode will be sticking around as Finn.
  • The season will be split in half in terms of storytelling and consecutive new episodes, with CBS airing 11 new installments, the show going on hiatus for a few months and then 11 more hitting your living room.

Season 6, meanwhile, will continue to focus on the "education of Alicia Florrick," as Robert King teased and Michelle concluded:

"I think we've seen her become increasingly pragmatic every single year and this one she has a firm she needs to protect, a possible move into politics - I think she's just fascinating."

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