Family Guy: Watch Season 12 Episode 20 Online

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Cleveland's return to Quahog on Family Guy Season 12 Episode 20 was a mixed blessing.

On one hand, a core Family Guy original was resuscitated from the wreck of The Cleveland Show, which collapsed into the televisual void/ has its series finale on in May 2013

But on the other: there might not be a place in Quahog for Cleveland any more, especially once his wife and Lois have some words.

Will there ever be peace in Quahog? Or should Cleveland have stayed in wherever spooky nether-universe characters from canceled TV shows have to live in?

Watch Family Guy online to find out. And then tell me what you think this nether-universe of canceled TV show characters looks like. Do you think it's like a Wreck-It Ralph thing? Or more of a Cocoon-type thing?

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Family Guy Season 12 Episode 20 Quotes

Peter: I'm having an affair.
Lois: That's ridiculous.
Peter: It's not ridiculous, it's Cybill Shepherd. She's attainable for a guy like me now.

Donna: Oh Lois, I'm so glad to see Peter and Cleveland back together again.
Lois: Yeah, me too. Now Peter will have something to do besides flushing the toilet to Foghat's "Slow Ride."