The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Resident Evil"

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So... that's what Markos wants, huh? To take over Mystic Falls?

And that's what Damon wants, to no longer be close to Elena?

But did The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 give fans everything they wanted?

Our weekly Round Table panel of Miranda Wicker, Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee (the latter two from are here to break down the good, the bad and the Enzo of it all from "Resident Evil."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Miranda: Ugh. This is hard. And not because there are so many to choose from. I'll have to go with...the closing credits? Okay, okay, seeing Caroline and Liz when she woke up. Instead of filling her mom in on the supernatural goings-on immediately, she just said "you missed lunch." I love how much Caroline loves her mom.

Crissy: As much as I loved season-one hair and jacket on Elena in the first fantasy sequence, I gotta go with Liv enjoying the guys getting stabbed with the Traveler knife. 

Heather: That was definitely fun, but I loved Enzo needling Damon about Elena and Stefan's "sex dreams."

What was your favorite Enzo moment of quote?

Crissy: "I think we just met the universe…" Enzo is just the best, really. Stick around, mate.

Miranda: Miranda: Crissy took mine! That was perfect! So...ditto? (Please let us keep Enzo forever and ever AMEN!).

Heather: Ditto, ditto, aaaaaaand....ditto.

So... Markos. What were your first impressions?

Miranda: I wanted to be impressed, and then we recycled storylines from The Vampire Diaries Season 2. I'm surprised he didn't hide the dagger in the knife block like Damon put the moonstone in the soap dish. 

Crissy: Seems alright! Glad he cleared up the "misinterpretation" regarding the doppelganger "prophecy."

Heather: It's always helpful when the Big Bads are amiable and accommodating in making sure they lay out a chunk of their plan for you. But my head hit my lap when he said the Doppelganger prophecy had been "misinterpreted." I mean... Oy. It was like watching a wet noodle drop to the floor.

Do you wanna spend more time on The Other Side?

Crissy: No, thank you! It was cool the first time, but this trip over wasn't as spooky. I'd be fine if the whole place crumbled and the supernaturals were all sucked out through the treetops

Heather: I'm going to disagree with Crissy here. I think whatever's going on on the Other Side is infinitely more interesting than whatever the Travelers are up to in the mortal plane. But I do agree that it might be a good move to eliminate it completely so we lose that "safety net" of seeing our beloved dead favorites.

Miranda: Yes? No? I liked it, to be honest, because it gave Matt something to do. I don't like how he could suddenly remember things when he got back to his body, but I do agree with Heather that whatever's happening on the Other Side seems way more original than this "misinterpreted" prophecy.

Damon not wanting to be friends with Elena: Good call, bad call, or WHO CARES, CAN WE PLEASE MOVE ON FROM THIS LOVE TRIANGLE ALREADY?!?!?!?!

Miranda: I really wanted him to say he couldn't be friends with her because he's in love with her and then NOT kiss her. What's happening right now is that Elena wants to have her cake and keep her boys around, too, which is realistic considering she's 18 years old, but is freaking annoying to see week to week. It's time someone told her no and stuck to it. 

Crissy: Good call. Let's keep those two apart. Damon can quietly pine. Elena can care about something other than the Salvatores. And the triangle is technically over, since Stefan isn't in love with Elena and she's not in love with him!

Heather: I just don't care. Sorry.

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