The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Man on Fire"

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Enzo has been sizzling throughout the back half of The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

But he was truly a "Man on Fire" this Thursday night after learning that Damon killed Maggie back in the 1960s.

In the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table, TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines are joined by Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee of to break down all the happenings in Mystic Falls...


What was your favorite scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 19?

Miranda: I'll give props to Stefan joking around with Elena while helping her study. His manner of doing so was very, well, friendly. I enjoyed it.

Leigh: Eh, I really didn't have one. I do enjoy any time Matt and Jeremy are working together, even if they are totally screwing it up and missing the big point

Crissy: I'm all about Enzo's big emotional scene, not wanting to hate Damon and then have nothing. Surprisingly touching and heart-wrenching.

Heather: Just before Enzo flipped his switch, when you could see how anguished he was that Damon was the one who killed Maggie, and saying he didn't want to hate Damon. One of those unexpectedly gut-wrenching moments.

Should Stefan have told Damon the truth about Enzo?

Miranda: Absolutely he should have. Now the guilt of killing someone who saw the good in him when he didn't even know him will eat at Stefan because that's how Stefan and guilt interact.

Leigh: 100% yes. When has withholding secrets from each other ever worked out well for the Salvatore brothers? There's just going to be more bitterness and resentment in the end.

Crissy: Ya, bit of a mistake. But not that big of a surprise that Stefan would try to protect his brother from another breakdown/violent outburst.

Heather: Yes. Honestly, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me why he didn't. I get that he thinks Damon is unstable at the moment, and Damon does have a history of reacting badly when it comes to feeling hurt, but...this just seems like complicating matters just to complicate matters.

Will Bonnie die for real this time?

Miranda: Yes? Hopefully? No ill will to Kat Graham but the character has been SO poorly or under used for five seasons now that it's time to send Bon Bon to the Great Beyond. Let Kat Graham show up as Olivia Pope's long lost sister on Scandal.

Leigh: I think she's a goner. With 3 deaths coming I'd guess she's one of them. LOVE the idea of seeing Kat Graham on another one of my favorite shows. Miranda, I like where your head is at!

Crissy: Agreed, and isn't Olivia Pope & Associates hiring? It's time for a shakeup — lose the Other Side, along with all the dearly departed and Bon-Bon, for good.

Heather: I honestly don't know. This show has a habit of leading you to believe someone will die, then pulling a fast one. It's a classic look at this hand while my other hand picks your pocket - or, in this case, your heart - situation. Let's not forget we have a lot of martyrs in this group, people who would sacrifice themselves for their friends, is what I am saying.

Compare this flashback to past flashbacks. Where does it rank?

Miranda: Not nearly as high as any flashback featuring long, disheveled hair or the 20s

Leigh: I was so feeling 60s Salvatores. It was good to see the guys in a different era for a change.

Crissy: Liked the '60s style, but I'm a sucker for the rich-backstory flashbacks from seasons past. Gets harder to do that as the series goes on.

Heather: You know, the flashbacks weren't terribly involved, but they did a great job with the little details. I especially loved the diner-style Mystic Grill sign.

Will Markos succeed in taking over Mystic Falls and wiping out all magic for good?

Miranda: Of course not. Those witches love their loopholes.

Leigh: Well… the showrunners keep talking about changing the landscape for season 6, so maybe. I don't believe all magic will be wiped out, but I believe that The Other Side is done.

Crissy: Well, there are only 900 different kinds of magic (remember Expression?), so even if the Travelers wipe out some form, something else will surface. Can't imagine TVD 100% magic free.

Heather: I agree with Leigh, I do think the Other Side will not survive the season.

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