Hannibal Review: Rebirth

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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes signifying rebirth (or a bird escaping a woman's corpse stuffed into a horse), so too does Will Graham rise from his own ashes to revive his quest against Hannibal. 

The game of cat and mouse between Hannibal and Will is largely over.

As Hannibal Season 2 Episode 8 demonstrates, it's all about mind games now.

Hannibal is very much enjoying this new version of Will, a man that he really wants to spar with. As Will is in another "therapy" session with Hannibal, and he begins to lay his killing cards out on the table, Hannibal is bathed in contrasting lightness and darkness.

It is indicative of the state Hannibal finds himself in. He wants to continue to be the man that he portrays, the "lighter side of his personality," and Will is starting to bring out his darker side, the one side of himself that he does not want anyone to see.

Will is already finding success in being the lure. 

As the scene ends, Will tells Hannibal: 

I don't want to kill you anymore Dr. Lecter, now that I finally find you interesting.


Hannibal is downright elated to see this new side of Will, but there's some doubt thrown in the mix there too. Hannibal may not have any idea of how to control Will now that Will is not under his control.

Hannibal could only be the true ripper by completely dominating Will's reality; with Will completely adapting to this new scenario between them, it is Hannibal that is suddenly beginning to find himself in need of readjusting his perceptions and realities. 

The end of the installment gives way to Hannibal further shedding light to this new dynamic, as he mentions that he can feed a caterpillar and whisper through the chrysalis - but its own nature takes over.

Will is taking over, too,  following what drives him, and Hannibal is now in the passenger seat. It's only a matter of time before a slip up happens and Jack can made good on his promise to hook him. 

Hannibal helps Will walk back from his potential overreaction to Ingram; it is a reminder that Will is still not completely like Hannibal in all respects. On some level, Hannibal walks Will back precisely for that reason; Hannibal does not want Will to be like him because then their relationship would change once again. 

The case is very much parallel to the relationship that Will and Hannibal once had. Peter, like Will was, is a man trapped inside his own head, and Ingram, much like Hannibal, uses his position of power to manipulate and kill those who are worthy. 

Finally, there's Margot. I have never read the books nor watched the movies from the Hannibal world, so the only information I have on her is that her brother, I assume, is going to be causing hell for Hannibal very soon (feel free to enlighten me in the comments!).

Is your social worker in that horse?

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Hannibal Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I don't want to kill you anymore Dr. Lecter, now that I finally find you interesting.


Hannibal: You fantasize about how you would kill me. Tell me, how would you do it?
Will: With my bare hands.