The Vampire Diaries: Watch Season 5 Episode 17 Online

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Damon and Elena are still really attracted to each other despite their break up. However, in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17, they had to focus on Jeremy's parent/teacher conferences.

Then Elena almost got staked by Liv and everything got crazy.

It turns out, as Liv confided to Jeremy, the travelers are planning something big with the doppelganager and the witches don't want them to have more power. That's why they had been hiding Tom, the last Stefan doppelganger.

Enzo and Caroline found Tom and Enzo snapped his neck. Now Jeremy has stepped up with a plan to work with Liv and Luke.

Meanwhile, back at the traveler junkyard, things got a little nutty. Watch The Vampire Diaries online to find out more.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

All I know is that right now I wanna rip your clothes off right here in the middle of this hall and throw you in one of these classrooms and kiss every square inch of your body, while a bunch of people who drive minivans listen wishing they were us.


Like a perky blonde angel of death.

Enzo [to Caroline]