The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Rescue Me"

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From a scary introduction to Markos to the teasing of naked breakfast with Damon, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 provided our Round Table panel with plenty of material to debate.

To wit: people actually go to school in Mystic Falls?!?

So, with far too long to wait until The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 airs on April 17, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker, Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee (the latter pair from have gathered to breakdown "Rescue Me."

Won't you join them?!?


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Leigh: I like when they guys interact and rib each other. So definitely the boys are the bar and when Tyler told Luke that they "even like Damon sometimes." I need the humor. I need what Damon used to do when he would sit with Ric at the bar and joke with each other.

Heather: Enzo taking out the witch with the doorknob. I mean, that is TVD at its FINEST right there.

Miranda: Damn! Heather stole my answer! How very badass WAS THAT? I'll go with the Caroline-Enzo flirtation. Enzo really is her type.

Crissy: Love Enzo — in flirty or murderous mode — but I have to go with Stefan and Caroline cozying up in a junkyard car.

Are Elena and Damon really over for good this time?

Leigh: Probably not, but the stuff with the travelers and last remaining doppelgangers will push Stefan and Elena together for now.

Heather: Doubtful.

Miranda:  No. Not a chance.

Crissy: It will never, ever, ever end.

The Travelers: Totally intrigued, confused or... ZZZZZ??

Leigh: ​I hate them. See my review. They ARE the ugly stepsister. Crap, that's what I should've made the title!

Heather: I'm a little intrigued by a magical community that is in opposition to the witches, but I'm still curious what their GIG is, you know? But after this episode, it looks like we may find that out very soon.  

Miranda: I'm actually digging this warring witches story. Liz and Luke are sort of dumb and out of nowhere and I'd prefer it was Bonnie on Team Good Guys, but yeah, I'm digging it. Especially after that final scene with Markos' resurrection.

Crissy: I vacillate between being intrigued by the Travelers and being a little tired of their constant chanting, but we do seem to be ramping up to a new big bad, and I'm all for that.

Come up with a nickname for the Mystic Falls-saving team of Matt/Tyler/Jeremy?

Leigh: ​The Avengers. Or The Mystic Fallvengers. I don't know, I'm sensing that sort of theme. Hoping it's that instead of the "Three Stooges.”

Heather: Someone tweeted at me "The Three Muscleteers," which is pretty damn good. (Shout out to Nicole!)

Miranda: I'm not sure it gets better than The Three Muscleteers. But I'll go with Triple H for "Human, Hybrid and Hunter."

Crissy: Three Muscleteers is the best. My brain refuses to come up with an alternative. 

What was your worst subject in school?

Leigh: ​High school? Physics. I dropped it in lieu of the more important "Sports and Entertainment Marketing" where we got to watch Jerry Maguire in class.

Heather: Geometry. Algebra and Calculus? Had those on lockdown. But Geometry was incomprehensible to me and I spent that class reading novels when it became clear I was NEVER going to get it. Read a lot of good books, though!

Miranda: Math, any and all varieties. Oh god, please don't make me do numbers. That's my idea of Hell. 

Crissy: So now is probably not the moment to reveal that I was on a competitive math team? My worst subjects were gym and music. Anything where you couldn't study your brains out to pass; innate ability is not my strong suit

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