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The second season comes to a close on Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 7 as the household celebrates Christmas.

Mary's engagement to Richard Carlisle continues, but she and her parents start to have great misgivings about the nature of her match with Richard. Will Mary go through with a marriage to Richard?

Mrs. Hughes and Miss O'Brien are called upon to testify in the court case against Mr. Bates. Will their testimony help or hurt Bates? 

One family member isn't present at the Christmas celebration, but news arrives about that person that causes quite a stir, makes Lady Grantham very happy and Lord Grantham very upset. Lady Grantham refuses to let Lord Grantham's reaction have any effect upon her joy at the news.

Daisy has time to talk to William's father, and shares with him how she feels about marrying William when she did. How did a Ouija board help in this connection?

When Lavinia's father falls ill, Matthew rushes to his side. What other thing of note did Matthew do before the end of the finale? Watch the full episode of Downton Abbey online below to find out the answer to this and all of the other questions posed above!

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Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Richard: Why do we have to help ourselves at luncheon?
Robert: It's Downton tradition. They have our feast at luncheon and we have ours in the evening.
Richard: Well why can't they have their lunch early and they serve us, like they normally do.
Mary: Because it's Christmas day.
Richard: It's not how we'll do it at Haxsby.
Violet: Which I can easily believe.

Mrs. Hughes: I wish I could tell you not to worry.
Anna: My husband's on trial for his life, Mrs. Hughes, of course I worry.
Mrs. Hughes: Well, I'm I'd fashioned enough to believe that they can't prove him guilty, when he's not.