The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Season 5 Premiere

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Stefan is stuck under water. Delena is having lots of crazy sex. Caroline is lonely at college. Bonnie is a very sad ghost.

And Matt is The Man.

Indeed, a whole lot went down on The Vampire Diaries opener, so we've gathered TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines, Dan Forcella and Steve Marsi together to dissect The Vampire Diaries 5, Episode 1 in our weekly Round Table. Gather around now and join the debate!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Miranda: The opening, of course. Hot Delena sex, right off the bat! What's not to love?

Dan: Can you say Rebekah girl-on-girl? Matt is one lucky man.

Leigh: Oddly I think it was when Damon was cradling Jeremy's head on the road after the car accident. He's really going out of his way to take care of that one. I love it. Also, anytime Elena actually had fun I was clapping.

Steve: Any scene with Paul Wesley. Watching him embody the mysterious non-vampire who's embodying him was a treat. Whereas Stefan-Paul is quiet, laid-back and introspective, Silas-Paul seems like more of a cocky, frat boy douche type. And I love him for that.


Biggest mystery from the premiere: Nadia's mission; Silas seeking Katherine; or Elena's family connection to Megan.
Miranda: Nadia's mission. I'm intrigued if only because it gives Matt a story and also because maybe it will send him running to Rebekah in New Orleans.

Dan: I cannot wait to find out why Silas is seeking out Katherine, so I guess that would be the most interesting mystery to me. I'm assuming it has to do with the cure, but how does that all play out? I can't wait to find out.

Leigh: Nadia's mission reminded me of True Blood Season 2 when everyone had those blacked out zombie eyes from the Maenad. Equal interest in that story and Elena's dad.

Steve: Since the show apparently hit the reset button and conjured up a bunch of random new mysteries simultaneously, I'm not really intrigued by any of them yet. Give it a few weeks and maybe that will change, although I do enjoy the new Katherine.

Hardest to believe: that Matt would have a threesome; that Tyler would not want to return to Caroline; or the size of that dorm room.
Miranda: Matt's (hopefully) only going to live once, Tyler's got a history of ditching out on Caroline and leaving her a voicemail to explain himself. The obvious choice here is the size of that dorm room. Who did Caroline have to compel to get that?

Dan: Who wouldn't on the first? She's become the worst on the second. So yeah, the third. Since Elena is trying to do college normally, it's safe to assume there was no compelling involved. If that's true, I should have gone to college there. It beats my triple the size of a small bathroom freshman year.

Leigh: First of all, Bravo to Matt Donovan. My answer to this question, though, is that Tyler still being counted as a cast member is hardest to believe. Caroline, go sow those wild freshman oats in your absurdly large dorm room! Get it gurlll.

Steve: The dorm room. Any other school would have thrown up a few non-load-bearing walls and partitioned that space into multiple rooms. Unless in Whitmore's case, students just die so often that they're left with a uniquely high student-square footage ratio. Speaking of freshman roommates dying, do Elena and Caroline get a 4.0 now or is that just a myth?

Pen a eulogy for Mayor Bennett.
Miranda: Dear Mayor Bennett: Father of the year, you were not. You made a great plot device, though? I think? Maybe in the afterlife you could spend time with your daughter instead of traveling all over selling whatever it is you were selling. Peace out.

Dan: Who?!?

Leigh: Bonnie's dad: Crappy way to go, here's hoping you can spend some time with Bonnie on the other side and formulate a plan to help everyone get rid of Silas and save Stefan. RIP.

Steve: Mayor, your death at the hands of Klaus in Season 4 was so brutal, we're still talking about it now. Bonnie's dad, we hardly knew ye, but he deserved better … than that cup of cheap domestic beer as his final beverage.

What is your most embarrassing freshman year story?
Miranda: At the risk of both embarrassing and incriminating myself, there may have been streaking involved. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Dan: I don't do embarrassed. If you want me to break out all my glory stories, let me know when you have a few hours.

Leigh: What was the question? No seriously it probably involved pledging a sorority or some hideous outfit. I'll have to get back to you when I remember.

Steve: Having a roommate recount, in graphic terms and with detailed analysis, some recent sexual exploits from behind a closed door, unaware that your parents have come to visit for the day and are standing right there on the other side? The definition of embarrassing.

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