Revenge 2013 Promo: Just What You Want!

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Revenge closed out 2012 Sunday with a changing of the guard, as "Revelations" answered some burning questions while leaving many more open to discussion after what was something of a slow-burning episode.

Reluctant alliances, reignited romances and revealing takedowns lie ahead, according to ABC's first teaser for the new year. Looks like Emily Thorne's journey for vengeance will require a balancing act of all three.

Following Daniel's successful coup, Grayson Global is under his leadership, with Conrad and Victoria on the outs. For how long and to what end, given the series of diverging events his takeover set in motion?

Will Emily and Daniel get back together for real? What will Jack do now that he's learned the truth about his father and the Ryans? What the HECK is The Initiative's grand plan? Will Nolan play a role in stopping them?

Read our Revenge review for an in-depth look at all the events taking place on last night's show, then watch the promo below and tell us how you see things playing out when the ABC melodrama returns January 6 ...

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I swear you so much as lay a hand on my son I'll kill you myself.

Victoria [to the Initiative]

Just be careful, nobody plays dirtier than the Graysons.