Revenge Spoilers: What is Daniel and Ashley's Deal?

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Daniel and Ashley have been presented as a couple on ABC's Revenge, yet we've seen very little of them "together" so far. That's about to change, according to the party planner's portrayer, Ashley Madekwe.

The actress teases that viewers will see Ashley and Daniel settle into "more of a real relationship" by Episode 6 of Season 2, and that her character has another major development coming her way as well.

“We know where she says she’s from, but we don’t know if she’s lying,” she told TV Line earlier this week “We don’t know how she got to the Hamptons, what she’s doing there or who she’s really working for.”

She certainly has a few tricks up her sleeve, but so does Emily Thorne.

Daniel, Ashley and Emily

"You're going to find that Ashley is not a random friend for Emily," creator Mike Kelley tells TV Guide. "There's a reason that Emily chose her to be her entrée into the elite Hamptons world."

"She's got a few cards to play against Ashley should she choose to use them. I also think that there were true feelings involved between Emily and Daniel that she has to resolve in her head."

"She still has affection for him. Love on Daniel's side for Emily is going to cause a problem between Daniel and Ashley."

What do you think Ashley's hidden agenda might be? Would you like to see Daniel and Emily as a couple again when everything (inevitably, it seems) falls apart between he and Ashley?

Share your predictions and comments with us below ...

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