More Revenge Clips: A Watery Grave?

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The Revenge sneak peeks just keep on coming.

With three more scenes from Sunday's Season 2 premiere now posted online, we're now up to eight Revenge clips from "Destiny" (follow the link to see them all in one place), which reveal a great deal of the opening acts of the episode when pieced together chronologically. For the latest batch, scroll down below.

WARNING: As always, these may contain spoilers ...

For reasons unclear to us, Emily is on the verge of drowning as the newly-recast Mr. Takeda and the mysterious new character played by Barry Sloane look on. Why do you think she's in this precarious position?

Meanwhile, back in Montauk, Jack looks like he's in shape, and not just because of the health inspector's impending visit to the Stowaway. Amanda and Declan clearly see something's not right with Jack. Will he?

Revenge returns this Sunday, September 30, at 9 p.m.

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

[on Victoria] You think she's somewhere looking up at us?


Nolan: What are you gonna do?
Emily: Play a hunch. I need to get a camera in there.