Suits Review: Me Without You

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Suits was faced this week with topping last Thursday's epic flashback episode.

Did it succeed? I'd say so, even with the rather large "Asterisk" of a plot point that likely left many fans in tears by the hour's end.

Louis Holds the Key

As much as I'd like to dive right into the excitement that was Louis' promotion to senior partner, it's important to acknowledge and celebrate the angel we lost tonight in Edith Ross.

She was the rock in Mike's life, the one person left to raise him, and Mike loved her dearly. The show will be so much different with her gone. So will Mike.

It's interesting to note how strikingly similar this loss was to Harvey's loss of his father. Harvey hadn't spoken to him in a long time, and the most important woman in his life, Donna, delivered the news as gently as possible, much like Rachel did for Mike. I'm intrigued by the symmetry.

The loss of Nana Ross is heartbreaking. I almost can't get over it. No one was supposed to die on this show. Now that they have, I almost don't know how to act. And for Nana Ross to be the one to go?!? It was just too much in the midst of everything else going on.

That's the beauty of Suits, though. Life doesn't wait for someone else's issues to get resolved before it moves on. Life happens every second, and that's a concept that the writers on this show have captured beautifully.

That knowledge doesn't make the loss of Edith Ross any easier, though. We really did lose an angel today.

Now I can finally tackle the convenient promotion of one Louis Litt to senior partner. Hardman knew exactly what button to push to get a vote on his side. What better way to clench the deciding vote than by handing him something he's always wanted.

Not to say that Louis didn't completely deserve the upgrade to the inner circle, it's just that he was clearly a pawn more than once on this and other occasions. Five years ago Hardman was poised to make Louis the scapegoat for his embezzling, and this time around, when confronted, he was able to spin the promotion as a sincere gesture. He's about to get played again, I can feel it.

Unfortunately, much like the other times, Louis will probably not see this until long after the vote takes place, meaning that Hardman, by next week's mid-season finale's end, will have regained control of Pearson/Hardman.

This outcomes it the exact opposite of what needs to happen. Then again, it wouldn't be any fun if Jessica retained control of the firm without consequence, would it?

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Nana Ross showing up with lunch for Mike. RIP, Edith.
  • Rachel and Mike getting some quality screen time this episode, from the romantic and funny to the heartbreaking.
  • Donna returning to the firm. Thank goodness Harvey finally #SavedDonna!
  • Donna kicking Cameron off of her desk. Good riddance.
  • Donna's kick-butt return entrance to the firm. Hottest thing on Thursday night television.
  • Louis getting his swag on as he walked the halls of the firm as a newly appointed senior partner.
  • Louis giving Donna a season pass to Lincoln Center as an apology gift.
  • Louis getting some FaceTime with his parents, who are Rick Hoffman's real life folks.
  • Harvey admitting that he can't be him without Donna. No, that doesn't fuel the love rumor mill at all...

The mid-season finale will soon be upon us, Suitors.

How do you feel about Nana Ross's sudden departure from the show? What impact do you think it will have on Mike?

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