Desperate Housewives Review: Farewell to Fairview

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The women of Wisteria Lane have played their last poker game. Tonight’s two-hour series finale of Desperate Housewives featured just a bit of everything with a birth, a death, a wedding, a scandalous trial and much more.

I’ll admit that after eight years of watching perhaps one of television’s most iconic shows, I wasn’t looking forward to saying farewell to Fairview. Sure, it’s definitely run its course, but as you all know, goodbyes are never easy. 

Final Poker Game

While this final season has had its fair share of ups and downs, I thought that Marc Cherry and company gave us a very satisfying ending. I wasn’t left needing more, but instead, only realizing how much I would truly miss Desperate Housewives. No other show compares and it’s hard to believe that there will ever be one that is able to do what the Wisteria women did by making the suburbia life seem so flawlessly unforgettable, sexy, hilarious, suspenseful and even murderous.

"Give Me the Blame" was all about friendship. As we’ve witnessed throughout the years, there is nothing more important than the relationships on Wisteria Lane.

By showing that all of the women wanted to help Mrs. McCluskey with her wish to die at home, it was clear that she had always been a part of the pack. More importantly, I loved the way that every single woman had more than enough on their plates with their personal lives already, but they banded together with ease to be there for one of their own. She, in turn, took the fall for Alejandro’s murder, exonerating Bree of all charges and finally putting an end to all of the lying and secrets involved with that once unforgettable night.

By the way, am I the only who didn’t buy that Carlos had no idea that Bree’s case was heading south? It’s hard to believe that someone like Carlos wouldn’t keep up with the news, regardless of whether or not he had started a new job. Plus, Bree’s story was evidently causing a media frenzy. Seriously, how was Carlos that ridiculously clueless?

On another note, I completely understood why Renee was so upset with Ben and her so-called friends. I was slightly worried when she was called to the stand by the prosecution and nearly put a nail in Bree’s coffin clearly depicting the night of Alejandro’s murder.

Meanwhile, Susan wanted to keep the fact that she was selling her home a secret. Then, Bree was upset with Trip for putting Gaby on the stand.

Perhaps the best moment of the first hour was Tom and Lynette’s scene in the middle of Wisteria Lane. Every word that Tom spoke was epic and it made perfect sense that two these needed to get back together. They have been through so many kids, jobs, cancer and more, and I was glad to see that they realized that they just belong as one.

I liked the second hour more for a number of reasons. "Finishing the Hat" opened with Martha Huber and Mary Alice’s first encounter. Coming full circle, Susan greeted the woman whose family was moving into her house in the final moments. In the very last scene, the woman was shown to have her own little secret. I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better and more fitting end.

I loved the montage of memorable moments that were shown in less than a minute. To name a few: Lynette’s cancer, Bree and her rifle, Susan in her wedding gown were all shown in flashes as we recalled the best moments on Wisteria Lane. Be sure to check out TV Fanatic’s Desperate Housewives Top 10 Moments that were also included in the montage.

As Susan drove away, the ghosts of all the characters who had died were shown near the sidewalk watching over the neighborhood. It was so nice to see Mike again, and even all of the other characters including Mary Alice, Karl, Rex, Beth Young and several others. By the way, have you ever wondered how homes are even sold on Wisteria Lane with so many deaths?

Lee said it perfectly well, to Bree: I cannot tell you how relieved I am that you weren't convicted. Seriously, you have any idea how living across the street from a murderer can affect housing prices? Visit the Desperate Housewives quotes section for more LOL-worthy moments.

Some of my other favorite parts included Katherine’s return, Renee as bridezilla, Julie’s water breaking ON Renee’s dress, Lynette and Susan taking a picture together both as grandmas, the final poker scene and finally seeing all of our favorite housewives get the happy endings they so rightfully deserve.

All in all, it was interesting that every single housewife eventually left the Lane. 

  • Mrs. McCluskey died peacefully with Roy by her side.
  • Lynette and Tom moved together to New York. Lynette became a CEO and had six grandchildren.
  • Bree and Trip married and moved to Kentucky, where Bree was eventually elected to state legislature.
  • Gaby and Carlos argued happily ever after they left the lane once Gaby developed her own personal shopping Website, leading to her getting her own TV show on the Home Shopping Network.
  • Susan moved from the lane with MJ, Julie and her granddaughter.

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? Whose story did you enjoy the most? Share your thoughts on the Desperate Housewives series finale now.

Give Me the Blame Review

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