Glee Round Table: "Merry Extraordinary Christmas"

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Warning: this could get ugly.

Two TV Fanatic staff members - Matt Richenthal and Chris O'Hara - have opposing takes on this week's Glee Christmas episode. The former thought it was essentially an hour-long promotion for the show's latest CD, lacking plot, logic and direction. The latter... thought otherwise.

Read through both sides in the following edition of the Glee Round Table and then sound off with your opinion.


What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt: There certainly were many to choose from. I'll say "Let It Snow" because I enjoy the track so much anyway, and I also got a kick out of Kurt and Blaine's choreography.

Chris: One of my favorite Christmas songs of all time: “All I Want for Christmas.” I almost chose Rory’s “Blue Christmas” because it evoked one of my favorite quotes of the night from Santana: “God that song was so depressing I may actually be dead right now!

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Harder to believe: That a Jewish Rachel would get THAT into Christmas or the kids could only help at the homeless shelter that one night?
Matt: The former, and here is why: did anyone else catch the "Happy Hanukah" at the very end? As the camera was panning away from the merry Gleeks? I am 100% sure that was a voiceover thrown in at the end because someone realized, right before editing wrapped, that they forgot Rachel was Jewish and tried to cover. That's just beyond lame. She's the main character on the show!

Full disclosure: I'm Jewish. I grew up with stockings. Jews are clearly allowed to celebrate Christmas, but not to that extreme; or not at least without one simple throwaway line earlier that at least acknowledged the writers were aware of her religion.

Chris: I think the issue was that Sue had promised a performance by the New Directions on said night, not so much that it was the only night they could volunteer. That being said, Rachel as the girl who cried Christian was not totally beyond her annoying abilities but by abandoning her heritage she short changed herself out of three more gifts. Why settle for five things off her list when she could have had eight to coincide with each night of Hanukkah?

Was Artie's PBS special a great gift or a lump of coal?
Matt: I was at a loss for words during it. It was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen on television, considering how long it went on for and how pointless it was in the scheme of... anything. Oh, and no way that set cost under $800.

Chris: I really enjoyed the special, from its laugh track-laden lines to Finn’s slightly askew light saber. Kurt and his best friend/holiday roommate put on quite a unique show in their bachelor chalet.

Will Sam and Quinn get back together?
Matt: I really hope not. Quinn needs to be on her own for a long while. Girl has to learn to love herself before anyone else can try to do it.

Chris: I think Trouty Mouth will snog Pouty Lips before the season is out for sure. Sam seems to have a calming effect on Quinn and after Rory helps him perfect his Sean Connery impression, she will be putty in his hands.

Give the first half of the season a grade.
Matt: C. There are times when I have hope that actual character arcs will play out - such as the class Presidency race and Santana's sexuality - and then there are episodes such as this that air as if those and other storylines never took place. I just want some structure to the season. Is that too much to ask?

Chris: I gotta give the first half an A with a gold star for sure. I’ve loved how the show’s focus has moved onto other characters, while still permitting it’s big stars like Sue to shine.

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Finn: All I want for Christmas is you.
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