Chuck Round Table: The Business Trip

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This week Chuck and Sarah took off for a lovely "Business Trip" filled with more Buy Morons and Vipers.  Our round table staff, meanwhile slaved away at home to bring you the following edition.  

So please, come join Dan F, Kris D., Eric  Hochberger and the Doctor as we discuss everything Chuck from George Lucas to baby yoga.

Favorite Chuck quote or scene from the episode?

Dan F: "Missile Command is a part of our process."

Dr. T: Chuck - "The force is strong in this one"/Morgan - "Ummm I have no idea what that means, but I'm pumped!"

Kris. H: Gee, I know I'm so unoriginal with my answers. I'm sure you'll predict it's that lip lock that Sarah and Chuck had by the couch; otherwise known as mothereffin sexytime! Was that hot or was that hot? Did anybody doubt that sometimes, Sarah Walker can be the captain in that regard? If you did. Fools.

Eric H: Bomb diffusing scene. Sarah Walker's legs. 'Nuff said.

Chuck RT New!

Best George Lucas shot?  Indiana Jones or Star Wars?

Dr. T: It has to be Phantom Menace.  Poor Morgan was so excited because he was told how much he loved the movie and then he was forced to watch Jar Jar Binks.  Plus Morgan's confused face after shutting off the movie was priceless.

Dan F: I liked the shot at the fourth Indy film, because unlike the huge majority, I am not a hater of Phantom Menace nor Jar Jar.  In fact, Revenge of the Sith is my favorite of the six films. Bring on the hate.

Eric H: Definitely with Dan on the fourth Indy flick.  But, seriously buddy, you're okay with Jar Jar?  I'd forgive you for saying you were okay with the prequels... but Jar Jar!?  Anyways, glad the tough guy managed to find a soft spot and spare Morgan of those aliens and crystals skulls and what not.  I wish I had a friend that good...

Kris. H: Morgan starting off the Star Wars saga with Phantom Menace. I didn't quite feel sorry for him, because I loved Casey giving him hell for what he did. If the fact that I can't actually remember what happened in Phantom Menace is any indication (and if I could summon sympathy for him) I'd say "poor Morgan."

Whose more likely going to jail: Casey or Lester?

Dr. T: I agree with Dan.  Casey is definitely going to a holding cell, because apparently spies never actually go to jail.   This Decker guy is making for a really confusing agent, I am not sure how he is issuing kill orders for civilians but I guess that's for another time.  Casey will get out next week, as I bet Lester will after some freak accident will get us the old Jeff back and he will return to save his friend.

Dan F: Casey is definitely being taken away and held in some sort of holding cell, so I will pick him. How long he is there, and whether or not it is an actual jail is another question.  Decker sure has it out for this crew, and I can't say the same thing for anyone in regards to Lester. The man seems to get away with hypothetical murder during his everyday life at the Buy More, and nobody ever seems to reprimand him for it. 

Kris. H: This is a tricky one. On one hand, I'm pretty sure Casey has a backup plan to disappear into the unknown if he needs to. With probably an untraceable identity. On the other, he has Alex now, and i don't think he's willing to give her up again. Without being 100% sure of my choice, I'd say Lester. But I am 100% sure who'll become somebody's b*tch in prison, and it's not Casey, folks.

Eric H: Definitely Lester. Casey may find his way to a holding cell, but nothing holds John Casey. Lester, meanwhile, will breakdown the second you tear him away from Jeff, let alone hand him the orange jumpsuit. He's far too pretty for jail.

More awesome stay-at-home-rent?  Devon or Ellie?

Dan F: Really? You put his name in the question? We all know the answer is Devon. Even when giving up his duties as "awesome stay at home dad" he is awesome. What a guy he is to give up the love of his baby so the love of his life Ellie can join in on the fun.

Dr. T: I agree, this one has to go to Devon. The first 45 minutes were tough for him but after that he was well... Awesome at it. If a mommy and me class wouldn't call Ellie back, they have to pretty elite and Devon appeared to be running one with no effort in the atrium of his condo complex.

Kris H: I think they're equally awesome. Those two are so sweet on each other. Ellie didn't want to take away what was obviously something very important to Devon, and something he's good at. Devon was quick to give in to his wife's unmet and unspoken need. Chuck and Sarah should totally emulate their relationship, while still making it their own..

Eric H: Ha! Dan, you took my bait. Clearly the answer is Ellie. I don't care how many baby yoga sessions Devon hosts or how many elite mommy and me classes he gets in to. The real question you gotta think about is who is more likely to build a new Intersect while staying at home with Clare. I don't see Awesome pulling that off and helping us with the next question:

Now no one has the Intersect!?  Pick who you want to get the coveted computer next...

Kris H: Clara! Other than her, no one. The show has outgrown it. Without it, the characters are forced to use their wits, their skills. Nothing is easy, so everything is more interesting 

Dan F: Jeffrey Barnes. No longer high on fumes, an intelligent Jeff with the intersect could go wonders for this team. He won't flash. He won't zoom. He will wooooooooosh!

Dr. T: I vote either no one or Decker. I know it's not the answer people want but I really liked this last episode without all the zooming, flashing, or wooshing. I think it would be a nice final arc to see a bad guy have the intersect and the team have to put everything together to defeat it once and for all.

Eric H: Wow guys, so many good answers! Clara could give us that hilarious E-Trade baby style of humor, while Decker could pose a seriously awesome final series finale. Jeffrey seems like a great choice, but his brain already is functioning at a ridiculous level than before.  Do we really need to elevate it any more? My vote goes to the most obvious, Awesome choice. Ellie should build an Intersect for her husband. He's pretty much the perfect male specimen. Stick him with the Intersect and we have a spinoff.

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