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It was a slow build, but "Chuck Versus the Business Trip" ended with such an action packed final five minutes that the mundane nature of the journey was completely absolved.

There were a couple of highlights here and there, but the switch really wasn't flipped until the team realized they had caught the wrong Viper.  After Chuck figured out that things had been much too easy*, we watched Morgan frantically escape the Buy More, Chuck disable the car bomb, and Sarah take out the real Viper.

Chuck Dives In

*I put down in my notes at the time that it was a bit odd that this guy with such a ridiculous track record couldn't even take out an intersect-less Chuck Bartowski.

Things went up another notch, though, in the final five minutes or so, beginning with John Casey's murder of 27 individuals in a span of 3.4 seconds.  I was definitely expecting him to get caught in that situation, so shame on me for thinking you could ever take out John Casey.

That led right into the joyous family night where everyone was enjoying an evening of truth.  That is, everyone except Awesome, who lied about not being able to stand being at home with Clara so that Ellie could take over mommy duties.  What and awesome guy!

And then with another twist, Decker ended up at the door to take Casey in for the murder of 27 individuals in a span of 3.4 seconds.  My stomach sank a few feet in that moment, which is a pretty big cliffhanger to leave the audience on before bringing Chuck back in December.  Will Casey make it out of this?!?!

As always is the case with the NBC spy series, "The Business Trip" was filled with plenty of comedy, action, and heart.  So get on your high horse, hate on Jar Jar Binks, and let's take a look at this week's Chuck Triple Threat...


  • Morgan wanting to catch throwing stars before giving up the intersect.
  • Both Jeff's pep talk to the Buy Morons, and him solving the case of the sad working mom.  I love new Jeffrey!
  • Casey spoiling Star Wars for Morgan.
  • David Koechner's character's bunny costume.

Well I already mentioned Sarah taking out the Viper, and Casey's miraculous murder of the Viper and her henchmen, but there were also a few other highlights.  I loved Sarah diving into the pool to save Chuck from being strangled...and not only because she was wearing white.  Also, the fake Viper's attempt to strangle Chuck ended up being just as important as I thought it was at the time.

Most of this week's heartfelt moment came in that final night of joy that was interrupted by the jerk, Decker.  In addition to the moments I mentioned above, my favorite was probably Casey inviting Morgan to move back in with him, giving him the Indiana Jones trilogy as a gift, and telling him there wasn't a fourth movie.  Classic.

Moving Forward
So Morgan is now without the intersect, and safe from hit men.  Sadly, Casey has taken his place on the chopping block.  How will Casey get out of this?  Who will come to his rescue?  My money is on Morgan.  What about you?

Chuck Versus the Business Trip Review

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