Bones Review: Happy Valentine's Day Massacre!

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Enjoyable, but nothing extraordinary. Solid, but nothing special.

I love Bones, but you have to admit, certain episodes are special TV events and others feel a bit like filler. After the previous week's "The Daredevil in the Mold," Thursday night's installment never quite hooked me as things went back to normal at the Jeffersonian.

Maybe that's because I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan to begin with and this episode took place February 17. Maybe it's because I didn't totally buy Cam's countdown to getting the case solved as all that important. But the episode just felt average.

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Booth and Brennan did share some quality scenes this week, of course.

That being said, a slightly-above episode of Bones still brings its share of excitement and humor, and emotional outpourings like last week can't be too frequent and seem organic.

Brennan summed it up best when she called V-day a "ridiculous holiday," because "the banks don't even close." However, she found a nice way of spending it with Booth in the end.

How did we get there? With another incredibly good/bad body find, for starters.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan earns kudos for the melted corpse in the tanning bed, with the eye MELTING OUT OF THE SKULL after you thought the worst was over.

Steve, if you haven't seen Peter Jackson's Dead Alive, go rent it. You'll appreciate it. Although I have to imagine it might be the inspiration for Bones' incomparable opening acts.

The victim was a wedding planner and the suspects were as grating as they come - her high-strung executive assistant, a Bridezilla and the father of the Bridezilla. Painful.

This was the point, naturally, in the most anti-Valentine's Day Valentine's Day episode ever. Even if I could have done without the holiday theme, I did enjoy the show's take on it.

While the planner's assistant seemed like the most obvious target, it was actually an estranged husband that did her in because of the assistant, who stood to inherit her assets.

And who she was also sleeping with. Didn't see that coming.

While Booth and Brennan didn't exactly leap into each other's arms after Hannah's departure, they showed some great chemistry this week, especially in the interrogation scene.

Their personal "Valentine's Day Massacre" to end the night was fun, too. Whether dropping knowledge on suspects or wielding firearms, Emily Deschanel killed last night ...

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While it seemed odd at times that Booth's meltdown was barely mentioned, I can see the need to move on and not dwell on it as well - for Booth and for his colleagues.

It was well handled for the most part, and I'm curious to see if over time, B and B do come together for good. Somehow I find myself far from convinced it'll happen.

The relationship with Hannah may be over, but it left an indelible mark on Seeley. I can't help but feel he's through with romance for a long, long while. Anyone agree?

As for the rest of the team ...

  • Sweets a non-factor and Daisy was MIA. Strange in a Valentine's Day episode, no?
  • Hodgins' efforts to find Angela the perfect gift were sweet, no matter how misguided.
  • Clark opening up constantly and revealing that he's into role-playing? No comment.
  • Okay, I admit, I was happy that Cam was so determined to see Paul. A little.

What did you think of last night's Bones? Discuss!

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