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90210 is taking on many heavy issues these days, and "Catch Me If You Cannon" proved that it's adept at handling some of them... while embarrassingly, boringly dropping the ball on other ones.

First, the failures: I'm sorry, but if you believed for a nanosecond that Dixon was gonna be HIV positive, then we recommend you never look up the world "gullible" in the dictionary, lest you cringe over seeing a photo of yourself smiling back.

Dixon and Doctor

While I don't mean to disparage the disease in any way, using it as a storyline just feels like a PSA at this point. The show might as well have skipped this development and gone straight to Tristan Wilds' actual PSA following the episode.

Moreover, if you're gonna use the topic, you can't change a key aspect of it: anyone can walk into a clinic and be tested in 15 minutes. They take your blood and set the timer and you sit right next to it the entire time. I had to get one because I got married in a country that required it. So shame on 90210 for actually misleading the viewers on how these tests work, just to create drama.

As for Annie.. sigh.

Again, nothing but utter predictability here. Did anyone out there really think Annie would sell her eggs? I just hope Deb has the couple that wanted them from an 18-year old to be institutionalized. If they can't recognize why that's a bad idea for a teenager, perhaps they should think again about becoming parents.

Interesting that the two characters with the most tiresome storylines these days are Wilson, isn't it? If only Harry has taken them all with him to... wherever he went up north.

Now, on to the positives:

While I wish the result hadn't been ruined by producers this summer, I give credit to Trevor Donovan and the gay storyline. It's being handled well, as the show takes it times and sets up interest, realistic scenarios, such as Teddy's "fagot" outburst last week and his attempt to deny his true self this week and sleep with a woman.

I'm also glad Ian is an understanding character that appears to truly want to help Teddy. Kudos all around.

With Ian

Meanwhile, I was prepared to bash Silver and Naomi's plan if it had worked. No way Mr. Cannon would have been stupid enough to just follow Silver to a hotel room.

But the series surprised me and didn't just create a twist with the use of that therapist; it brought the storyline back to Silver's bipolar disorder. I'm always happy when shows remember the past and tie it in to the present. As for the "dot... dot... dot..." conversation?

Both funny and true. Don't you agree...

Let's quickly run through other developments from the episode:

  • Ryan and Jen as new parents and a quasi couple that gets along one second and fights another? I see possibilities there.
  • Same for Deb as Jen's nanny.
  • But can we please get her professional history straight? She was a photographer in Beverly Hills like two years ago. Now, suddenly, she has no skills and doesn't know how to operate a flash drive? Remember what I said a few lines ago about using the past well? Come on.
  • While the Dixon/HIV storyline was pathetic and almost insulting, props to the writers for actually having Ivy go through with her first sexual experience. The question now: How will Oscar use this against her?

What did you think of the episode, readers? And can you think of even worse nicknames for Jacques than Jacques Strap?

Catch Me If You Cannon Review

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