The Real Housewives of New York City Review: "Shunburn"

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Last night on The Real Housewives of New York City, Kelly, Bethenny, Ramona, Sonja, and Alex went on a luxury vacation in the Virgin Islands. You knew drama was sure to follow.

Once again, Jill and Kelly proved they can be Real instigators, then turn around and play the victim. Not to be outdone, LuAnn does her best to be included in that category too.

Kelly takes the cake, though. Woman up and left!

Slowly losing her grip on reality, Bensimon spent most of the episode attacking all the other women, who (understandably) worry more about Kelly's deteriorating mental state.

All while trying to understand her various angry tirades, natch. Terrible as the play on words might be, "Shunburn" was an appropriate title for the season's penultimate episode.

Bethenny Frankel Pic

Will Bethenny and Jill reconcile? What are they fighting about? Does it matter?

We mock and will continue to mock Kelly, because how can you not, but let's face it, the insanity, constant drama, bickering, screaming, and fighting are what you want to watch!

It annoys you that these women take themselves so seriously, and yet you can't look away. The craziness and unpredictability just make for great viewing ... what can you say?

Eventually, Kelly ended up leaving the vacation early and the remaining women started to feel confident that they can finally relax ... until Jill Zarin arrives - a bombshell in itself.

She is there under the guise of surprising peeps on her way to her own vacation in the Virgin Islands. This is hilarious, and predictably, the late arrival is not met with open arms.

She leaves in tears. We watch in tears. Some time later back in New York City, the women get together at lunches and events. Jill indicates she wants to reconcile with Bethenny.

This seemed out of place to us. Why is Jill willing to apologize to Bethenny? To force a dramatic conclusion to the season on the finale, leaving us hungry for more next summer?

Yup, that's probably it. Women hanging out and actually getting along isn't as fun to watch, even if they are rich and lead very glamorous lives. Once again, you need the conflict.

The show ends with Jill hosting a holiday party near a skating rink - she loves to skate, to the surprise of everyone, including loose cannon Kelly, who could go off at any minute.

Bethenny summed the night up best: “You missed a beautiful yacht. You missed a beautiful, beautiful home. And filled with psychotic drama. It was terror on the high seas."

Amen, sister.

One more episode to come next week. For more drama, follow this link for a far, far more in-depth Real Housewives of New York City recap from our celebrity gossip site.

Shunburn Review

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