Melrose Place Review: "Stoner Canyon"

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Melrose Place is always pretty hit or miss, even within the same episode, or 10-minute span of an episode. It also knows what it's good at (mostly), and that's over the top drama.

With the exception of Riley's dull story line, last night's episode delivered on expectations. There's a lot to go over, so let's assess where the characters stand after "Stoner Canyon."

Dr. Drew: No, not the Dr. Drew who's trying to keep DMX out of jail. The new doc at the hospital, played by Nick Zano, Drew Pragin. He's also a newest resident of 4614 Melrose.

We like this kid already, and not just because he's not named Auggie or Violet (although they set the bar so low, no one even bats an eye when they leave ... always a good sign).

When he's not wearing only a towel, he's clashing with Lauren at the hospital over their differing methods. He pegs her as an uptight stiff. She thinks he's a loose cannon. It's fun.

Lauren is impressed, however, when Dr. Drew's methodology gets them to the bottom of a case in which a young girl wrecked her car. We think this guy's gonna fit in really well.

Nick Zano Debuts

Drew Pragin (Nick Zano) makes his Melrose Place introductions.

Unhappy ending: Are Jonah and Ella headed for one? She wants to get A-lister Owen Anderson to star in Jonah’s movie, and is happy to do extra work to help her lover/client.

But, when they meet with Owen to discuss the flick he tells Jonah he would love to meet the woman who inspired the character of Rachel. Riley actually shows up to meet them.

Naturally, it all goes to $h!t and Jonah and Riley bicker. Ah, like old times. Owen then discovers that the romance he loved the story for is no more. So he’s out of the production.

Until, that is, Riley tells Ella that Jonah is too good for her, she believes her and breaks up with Jonah (sort of), he changes the movie's ending and Owen agrees to read it again.

Packing that many twists and turns into one story in one episode? Par for the Melrose course. Follow the jump for the details on Riley (zzz) and three story lines with Michael ...

Riley snoozefest: Since she got fired in the middle of the school year, we are supposed to care that Riley can’t find a new job. So she asks Amanda (?!) to ask her BF for help.

He runs a software foundation that has something to do with education ... or something. He agrees to hire her and go to D.C. on his private jet for some project. We fell asleep.

His brother's dad: That's what David is! Vanessa contacts him from beyond the grave (via a letter) to tell him that Michael isn’t Noah’s father after all ... David is. We knew it!

David marches down to his dad’s place and tells him that Noah is his son ... right after his dad had told him that he had ruined his entire life and Noah's all he has left. BRUTAL!

Amanda's broke: She's got money problems. Ms. Woodward’s financial guy stole $15 million from her. If she continues to borrow from WKP’s assets, the business will collapse.

Freaking out, Amanda has shortness of breath and chest pains. Dr. Michael Mancini tells her she’s having panic attacks and writes her a prescription for some medication to help.

There's no way that ends well. We love it.

House call girl: Lauren discovers that an anonymous donor paid the $16,000 she owed on her tuition this semester! Amazing, right? Nope, she decides she can't accept that.

She confronts Dr. Mancini (a great episode for Thomas Calabro all around) and refuses the money, which denies giving her. Hmm. In any case, Lauren tells Wendy she's done.

Naturally, Wendy tells her that she owes her one last job and Lauren agrees, apparently unable to quit (or fail to quit) with any degree of success. That last job? Dr. Mancini!

Despite the fact that he knows a madam and placed an order for a hooker, he chastises her for being a hooker. He tells her of his evil plan to ruin David’s life. This is great stuff.

Lauren must break David’s heart or else ... he’ll tell everyone he got a house call from Dr. Lauren! The plot thickens! We didn't imagine Lauren to be exposed this well, we admit.

What did you think of last night's Melrose Place? Comment away!

Stoner Canyon Review

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