The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Lost Girls"

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Following the latest, revealing episode of The Vampire Diaries, our staff couldn't wait to sit down for this week's Round Table discussion.

There's so much to discuss and so much to analyze, that we should just get right to it. As always, feel free to leave a comment with your take on these issues and/or post in our Vampire Diaries forum...

Elena breaking up with Stefan: Smart move, or dumb decision?
VDLover: Smart. At least for now, Elena needs space. Even the best hair on television isn't enough to win over a girl after you just told her you've been 17 years old since 1864.

DoMeDamon: Smart move. The chemistry and palpable desire between Elena and Stefan has been established, only for them to be driven apart by forces seemingly beyond their control, leaving them to pine hopelessly for a forbidden love affair along with four million of us watching at home. It's a cliched, boilerplate tactic that we've seen countless times, from The West Wing to Grey's Anatomy to Gossip Girl ... but props to the Vampire Diaries writers, because doggone it, it works so well.

ElenaLova: DUMB! Don't you want a vampire on your side, Elena? Ignoring how how Stefan is, it just seems to make practical sense to be in the best of graces with one half of such a potentially dangerous duo.


Should Stefan have given Damon his ring back?
VDLover: What was the alternative? The ring just kept Damon locked up during the day, and we saw what kind of harm he can do then anyway. An angry Damon, let loose at night, is not a good thing.

DoMeDamon: I think he had to. Loathesome as he is, Damon is his brother, and did just save his life. Plus, Damon doesn't die without the ring, he's still free to do his thing in a slightly weakened (but still deadly) state. If Stefan plans to plot Damon's demise, or find what shred of humanity lies within him, it's going to have to happen much later.

ElenaLova: No way. It was the one piece of leverage Stefan had over Damon. It kept him from killing Elena, remember? Stefan gave it up too easily.

How will Stefan deal with Vicki?
VDLover: I hate to say this, but he may need to kill her. It would be good for the show because it would depict a darker side to Stefan. He's almost too perfect these days, isn't he?

DoMeDamon: Teach her how to hunt bunnies and be a good vampire. It'll be cute. Especially if she dances around in her underwear some more.

ElenaLova: She's still new, there's still a chance he can help her live off animal blood. But considering the fact she went for Tyler before, Vicki clearly has bad taste and will end up devouring humans.

Which character did you miss more on the episode: Bonnie or Caroline?
VDLover: Bonnie. I wanna know more about her magical powers!

DoMeDamon: The latter. Bonnie's mysterious powers are cool and all, but I would much rather suck on Caroline's jugular, if you know what I mean. I mean she's much more delicious, and every week I thirst for her. Okay, this is getting weird.

ElenaLova: Caroline. Without her leading cheers on screen, I felt silly holding my pom poms.

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