Wynonna Earp: Melanie Scrofano Chats About a Flawed Wynonna and the Infamous Rat Smoothie

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Actress Melanie Scrofano takes great pride in playing Wynonna Earp, even if the character is "a bit of a mess."

"Whatever I'm going through, I can put it into Wynonna," Scrofano said during a chat at San Diego Comic-Con.

Saving Purgatory - Wynonna Earp

She also talked about the fun she had playing the demon-possessed Wynonna.

She said she found it "really liberating" to be able to play something so completely different, and unlike the rest of us, she "looooved" the rat smoothie scene.

Scrofano also dishes about a pregnant Wynonna, and what will happen if Waverly isn't an Earp.

It's Wynonna

Click on the video below to see the entire chat!

If you haven't seen the show or need to catch up, you can watch Wynonna Earp online right here via TV Fanatic!

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