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This extended Vampire Diaries trailer gives us a long look at "After School Special." Will Tyler really turn? Watch now.

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this isn't fair for is so sad..change the script!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am with Kristin! I can't handle Elena and Damon right now. Elena has turned into a bitch with no regards for Stefan's feelings and Damon is just Damon an ass! I was always Stelena, but now I hope they both dump her ass.


Omg, I can't wait for this episode, BUT ELENA IS SUCH A BITCH! I know, I totally ship Delena but I feel stefan's pain "how many more ways can you rip my heart out!" she's gonna cause him to go all ripper again. And Damon needs to really figure out what this fucking prof shane is up to he's shifty as fk. I don't like him one bit. Never have a human too involved in the vampire world, remember what happened with John Gilbert?


I'm sorry but I just can't handle Elena now. I would've preferred her to at least show some guilt at having slept with Stefan's brother. Has she completely forgotten about Stefan? It's seems like all she can think about is Damon. Vampire or not, how can her feelings for Stefan disappear? Why weren't those feelings also boosted like her feelings for Damon? I'm so over this love triangle! I don't care how many people are in love with my opinion he's not that great. He didn't even have the decency to tell his brother that he slept with Elena the same day he found out that they broke up!


In the books Elena does go back to Stefan.


Please someone tell me when the last series finished? When's the next one? Has there been any since mid November 2012?


This made me mad! NO. NO. No. stefan doesn.t need to feel pain I want him, to be happy! with rebekah maybe..


They should've made it that Carole Lockwood had vampire blood in her system before Klaus drowned her. I can't believe they killed her off. Would've been very interesting if she was a vampire, whilst being town mayor!


elena is such a b*tch ahhhh, poor stefan :(


cant wait !!

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