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Who will be saved on the True Blood Season 5 finale? That question is asked in the official HBO trailer.

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I have read all of the stack house books and I don't recall the authority or this religious ferver of Bill's!! Anyone else confused?


This has to have been the worst season of True Blood ever. Nothing makes sense but lets put that aside. Eric and his sister obviously the good guys on the vamp front. Sister obviously gonna die cause eric can't he is a main character. Bill has already gone too far with this "Vampires are the better species" stick. Already having turned his back on sookie and jason. Pam and Jess and Tara are obviously gonna fight with Eric but jess has other problems like her makers ability to force her to do stuff. I am betting (forget her name) the Head honcho chick is gonna drink all of the blood lilith is going to be reborn taking her body and be the main bad guy next season. The fey will find some way to kill russle (he has really needed to die all season) and stake the preacher boy too. Alseed is obviously gonna become pack master of his OLD pack after the current pack master is killed by vamps. That being said ... this just seems to be what they are grooming ...I guess we will see how they find some way to make Bill a believably good character again and how they can repair vampire human relations enough to not cause a bigger battle sups vs eachother vs the humans.

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